Browse the web from the Notification Centre with NCBrowser 8

By | February 6, 2015

There are quite a lot of Cydia tweaks out there, some of which are quite useful while others aren’t. Today, we’ll take a look at a jailbreak tweak known by the name of NCBRowser 8 which basically serves the purpose of allowing iOS users to browse the web in the Notification Centre of the software.

Yes, you heard right! If you ever wanted to be able to browse the web while doing something else, directly via the iOS 8 Notification Centre, you’ll be happy to know that such a thing is possible with a tweak that also has quite a large number of customization features and works well for just about everyone.NCBrowser-8-1024x576

With this in mind, as soon as NCBrowser is installed, users can go ahead and invoke Notification Centre. Once this is done, they will see a new tab, named ‘Brower’ that can be accessed to use the now integrated browser over in the tab. When it comes down to the features which are being offered by the browser, it is worth stating that it has everything a person would expect from one- an address bar, forward and back buttons, home button, refresh button and more. There’s also a Google search pop=up button that makes it easy to use the search engine, followed by a button that will make the browser appear in full screen and a function that allows users to choose to open a certain webpage over in Safari, or to copy its link for later use.

When it comes down to the ease of use of this Cydia tweak, it is worth mentioning that it comes with a complete set of preferences and that just about anyone who feels the need of a notification centre-based web browser can figure things out. The preference panel allows users to do things such as setting up quick links, hiding the status of the web browser over on the status bar, but also to hide tabs and to make the browser rely on swipe gestures to make browsing easier for those who are more experienced with these types of gestures. Additionally, users also get the possibility to configure the way that the browser looks. With this in mind, certain look aspects such as the text colour, the filed colour, the UI colour or the button colour can be changed up as the user desires without encountering any issues.NCBrowser-8-1024x907

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If you’re not yet aware, another great benefit of NCBrowser 8 is the fact that users can browse the web quickly without actually needing to unlock the device, which is great news in the case that a person would like to do a quick web search and wouldn’t like to waste precious time.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far until now, what do you personally think about NCBrowser 8? Is it a Cydia app that you would like to have on your device considering the fact that it is a solid build, quick and able to do everything as promised? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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