Stratos is now making multitasking better

By | February 27, 2015

One thing that Apple still hasn’t managed to do right refers to the creation of multitasking system good enough as an effort to ensure that people will not need to jailbreak their devices in order to get one. Today, a highly anticipated Cydia app was released as an effort to ensure that multitasking is now even easier. Meet Stratos.

As the Cydia tweak aims to simplify the way that anyone interacts with their iPhone, the app actually manages to do things quite well. Not only does its design make interacting with other apps an extremely easier experience, but the app also offers quite a large number of settings that can be tweaked as an effort to ensure that users get access to the best experience possible.Stratos-background-colors

With this in mind, apps proceed to appear in the form of a column where users can easily browse along them and enter the app that they desire. The Cydia app also keeps the applications running, thus making the multitasking system due exactly what it is supposed to. While there are a couple of hiccups in the design and functionality of the Cydia app, it is important to remember that these are quite minor, and chances are that you wouldn’t even notice them.

An important thing to keep an eye on when considering whether to get this Cydia app or not is that it comes at the price of $1.99, making it a bit more expensive when compared to some of its competitors. However, this shouldn’t be something that will stop you from getting Stratos, as it is definitely an investment worth it from every point of view.

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