Delete Cydia apps directly from your Settings app with PrefDelete

By | October 30, 2014

One thing that I truly dislike about Jailbreaking is the fact that all of the Cydia apps and tweaks that have been installed can only be deleted from Cydia- not from the home screen or anywhere else which makes it an annoying experience that also happens to be time consuming from all the points of view.

However, thanks to a new Cydia app which is also known by the name of PrefDelete, people from all around the world will actually be able to delete Cydia apps faster directly from the stock Settings app which represents a great feature. In order to do so, users will simple have to tap and hold a tweak’s preference button in the Settings app and it will be automatically removed.PrefDelete

When it comes down to its ease of use, PrefDelete also doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It also doesn’t feature a configuration panel, so once it has been installed users can simply go ahead and delete Cydia apps. Unfortunately, it only works for those that have a preference pane, which can somehow be considered a con.

I’m personally waiting for a Cydia app that will allow Cydia apps to be deleted directly from the home screen, just like apps from the Apple Store are normally be dealt with. Perhaps PrefDelete will include this feature in a future release. Have you ever tried it out? If yes, what did you think of it?

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