Helius 2 Add More Colours to Music Controls

By | May 21, 2015

If you’ve been following the latest jailbreak tweaks lately, you will know that the Helius 2 has just been released. It is a very popular update to an already very popular jailbreak tweak. Developers s1ris and Phillip Tennen rewrote Helius and made Helius 2 as a tribute to the original developers.

Those of you who owned the previous version of Helius can actually upgrade to Helius 2 for free. For those of you who doesn’t, you can pick up Helius 2 from BigBoss repo for $0.99. So, is this tweak any good?Helius-2-1024x905

The Helius 2 does what the original Helius did: allow you to customize the Music app in iOS. It takes the default music controls on the lock screen and adds more colours to it. Unlike the original tweak, Helius 2 also works with third-party music apps right out of the box. You can use Helius 2 with Pandora and Spotify without having to install add-ons or go through complicated settings.

Once the tweak is downloaded and installed, you will find its preferences pane in the stock Settings app. You have two option toggles to play with. One is for enabling the tweak, and the other is for letting Helius 2 use the actual artwork of the song as background.

The later option is rather interesting. It takes the currently playing song’s artwork, blur it and use it as a background. This makes the usually bland stock music controls much more interesting. It works well too and will not bog your phone down in any way.

As with many jailbreak tweaks, Helius 2 offers a very specific set of features. However, what Helius 2 does, it does really well. I’ve tested the tweak to see if there are bugs or glitches and it simply worked really well. Helius 2 actually makes me wonder why Apple doesn’t apply this feature natively in iOS.

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The simplicity of Helius 2, the ease of use and the overall user experience it offers are very difficult to match. I personally love using this jailbreak tweak to spice up my iOS devices.

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