Reset Your Home Screen Layout with SetBack

By | March 30, 2015

We all have our favourite home screen layouts. We’re used to icons being in their correct places; it’s almost muscle memory once you have used iOS for some time. I understand how annoying it is to have the home screen changed for whatever reason. You can have a niece playing with your phone and messing up your home screen. You may be trying new themes or changing home screen configurations.

No matter how badly the home screen is messed up, you can always return to your favourite layout in just a couple of taps. This is made possible by a jailbreak tweak called SetBack. Of course, it is available through Cydia. I personally think it is one of the best home screen tweaks available, especially if you love trying out new themes – in my case, for reviews – and installing new tweaks.SetBack-2-1024x577

SetBack is very simple to use. Once installed, you will see an additional icon on your home screen. Tap the SetBack icon to open the app. You can then add the current state of your home screen to SetBack’s memory. To do that, simply tap the + sign at the bottom of your screen.

SetBack will memorize everything about your home screen. I know this because I tried messing the icons and folders on my phone, only to have it restored to its original state with a tap thanks to SetBack. The only problem I could find with this jailbreak tweak is its compatibility with iOS 8. iOS 8 users need to reboot instead of respring in order to restore their home screens. SetBack also can’t change your existing wallpaper to the saved one when you are using iOS 8.

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That said, the developers behind SetBack are famous for responding to bugs and feature requests quickly. I’m sure it won’t be long before a new version, with better iOS 8 compatibility, is released. At the very least, you can still restore your entire SpringBoard icon layout quickly and correctly.

Restoring your home screen icons is also very easy to do. Tap on the SetBack app icon and you will see the previous state of your home screen right next to the new state that you can save. Tap on the previously saved state and SetBack will take care of everything for you.

SetBack is available for $2 through ModMyi’s repository on Cydia. Aside from icons, SetBack can also store various configurations at any state, including WinterBoard themes and dock icons. The app works well with other home screen tweaks, so you can now try out different themes or experiment with skins for iOS without having to worry about spending a lot of time to restore your home screen icons to their original places.

Based one everything that has been outlined so far, if you ever feel the need to have an app that can easily help you out when it comes down to resetting your home screen layout, then SetBack is definitely the Cydia tweak to have. While it is fast and easy to use, the price may be an unfortunate factor for some, but rest assured, as the Cydia tweak is sure to get the job done correctly.

What do you personally think about this jailbreak app? Does it sound like something that you are willing to purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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