Amazing New Tweak: Bring Live Photos to the Older iPhones That Utilize iOS 8

By | October 7, 2015

Live Photos is a brand new and iPhone 6s-only app that gives a new life into boring old static photography. It lives up to expectations by shoehorning the photograph in the middle of video that was taken right before and soon after the photograph itself is taken. The subsequent impact is a “live” photograph that takes a life on its own on your screen, giving some context to the current photograph.

This new 3D Touch feature is utilized to enact Live Photos in the Photos application, and without a doubt the iPhone 6s and Live Photos were created to work hand in hand together. All things considered, it isn’t unrealistic to believe that a comparable tweak of Live Photos on more seasoned devices, as has recently been demonstrated by another Cydia tweek. We have yet to see how far it can possibly go. So far things are looking optimistic – even a demanding game such as Doom III was made playable on a tweaked 486 PC computer.

Elias Limneos, a tweak developer of great renown,  who has published such releases such as CallBar and BioProtect added to his repertoire, has just published PhotosLive — a noteworthy version of Apple’s Live Photos for more seasoned jailbroken gadgets. One question remains, however – how well does PhotosLive actually perform?

When you finally use PhotosLive, you’ll have to open up the pop up box that first shows up after reboot in order to download the license. When you do, you can start utilizing the tweak itself.


Before you do that, however, go to the Settings application to set up the PhotosLive’s preferences. Inside its preferences panel, you’ll see an entire host of custom settings to design the change to your own preferring. There are a lot of options available here.

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As a matter of fact, you don’t need to meddle with any of the settings, but you’ll discover choices for toggling PhotosLive, enabling a Retina Flash-inspired front flash, and extra mixed settings. You can likewise modify the video capture span of PhotosLive. Simply choose your preferred settings and y you’re ready to go.

To actually utilize PhotosLive, open the stock Camera application, and make sure that the PhotosLive toggle is enabled. When it is, take a photograph, and PhotosLive will consequently catch extra photographs requred to give you an animated live photograph. The results are beyond expectations, of course.

What’s so great about PhotosLive is that it feels very natural, for the lack of the better word. You can even save your Live photographs to the Lock screen wallpaper, and then touch-and-hold to animate, like how you can do with the iPhone 6s. The effect is simply stunning. What’s even better is that PhotosLive photographs will even sync in your library, and data is hardcoded in the JPEG photograph itself (Apple’s version even makes separate video files). That isn’t all; you can utilize PhotosLive with photo filters (as it is to be expected), and even export photographs as animated GIFs to share with your contacts.

Evidently, it’s insanely amazing. That is to say, the iPhone 6s just dropped today, and jailbreak users can as of now appreciate a to a great degree successful rendition of one of its most popular features. Despite what your position on jailbreaking may be, you need to call a spade a spade and concede that it is great. It is no wonder that this will be bound to be one of the most popular tweaks to have appeared in the great world of tweaks.

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There are a couple of differences with PhotosLive when contrasted with Apple’s official execution. The most prominent one is – Limneos is implanting extra JPEG frames within the initial image, whereas Apple’s execution utilizes a real video. Both systems have their positive sides and their negative sides, as you may have guesseed. Case in point, with Apple’s variant, gadget users can hear sound when playing back Live Photos in light of the fact that it’s genuinely a video.

Of course, PhotosLive isn’t impeccable; however it’s an amazing start to a great trend, and it’s certain to make a lot of people very happy – the very same people haven’t updated to the latest verion. PhotosLive can be downloaded for a low, low price of $1.99 on the BigBoss repo, however you better act quick. This bargain deal cost is just for its official launch week, and from that point, it’ll go up to the full $2.99 price. It’s not that expensive, but as the saying goes – a penny saved is a penny earned.

What are your thoughts on PhotosLive? Do you think it is a successful adaptation one of Apple’s most loved apps? Or do you think it hasn’t lived up to its expectations?

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