Get an iOS 8 like Notification Centre with Notific8

By | September 29, 2014

Yet another great Cydia tweak that people from all around the world can enjoy is known by the name of Notific8. This smart Cydia app has the purpose of making the iOS 7 Notification Centre look like the one featured with iOS 8 in order to make iOS devices from all around the world look sleeker while also making their owners happier.

If you have already updated to Apple’s newest software, then you may be asking yourself why this Cydia app is any good. Well, recent reports have indicated that some devices become extremely slow once iOS 8 is installed and therefore users would be better off using iOS 7 as their primary OS. There are also those who simply won’t get access to Apple’s newest OS due to the simple fact that their devices are too ‘old’ as Apple likes to say.Notific8

With these facts in mind, if you would still like to experience some of the iOS 8 improvements together with its design without having iOS 8 or its jailbreak, then you can easily use Notific8, as this Cydia tweak will offer the visual adjustments that iOS 8 provides. While the app doesn’t really do anything else apart from offering a visual design change for the notification centre, it can still be considered great as it offers all sorts of iOS devices the possibility to look sleeker, even if they’re running iOS 7. When it comes down to the installation and ease of use, it can safely be said that anyone can manage to use this tweak, as it starts working as soon as it is installed via Cydia.

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Have you ever tried Notific8? If yes, what else would you like it to do? Do you feel like anything needs to be improved?  Additionally, what other Cydia apps that have the purpose of imitating iOS 8 and offering users who are using an older OS access to the newest features would you recommend?

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