iOS 7 Cydia Apps

RePower adds new options to the Sleep/Wake button

By default, when you hold the Sleep/Wake button of your iPhone, you’ll be displayed with a “slide to power off” slider allowing you to switch off your device. RePower is a cydia app that displays additional new options when you press the Sleep button.

With RePower, when you hold down the Sleep button, you’ll be shown two new options in addition to the default power off button. These new buttons include a “slide to reboot” button that reboots your device and a “slide to safemode” button that takes your device into safemode. You’ll also find a “Cancel” button below all the other new buttons. Read More...

MessageEnhancer allows you to customize the stock Messages app on iOS 7

Messaging is one of the main reasons why people purchase smartphones. iOS 7 allows users to send a text message as well as an iMessage to another person who also owns an iOS device. If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device, which you can learn how to jailbreak iOS 7 here, you’re lucky because you can now customize the stock Messages app on iOS 7 with a new tweak called MessageEnhancer.

The cydia app provides you with tons of options that allow you to customize the Messages app the way you want. Read More...

Cydia Apps you Need, Staying Productive

Top 10 Cydia Apps for Productivity

Business people are always looking for more ways to increase productivity, and smart phones have become a boon for hardworking employees. After jailbreaking your phone to unlock restrictions, savvy iPhone and iPad users can download Cydia and then apps to customize their devices in a huge variety of new ways. Here are the top 10 cydia apps to save time and increase productivity.

iFile – locating a file on an iPad can be a nightmare. The iFile app organizes your file structure and gives you full data editing options. The top-level search feature means no more shuffling through folders. Read More...

VideoPane updated for iOS 7 Jailbreak

One of our favorite cydia apps has been updated for the iOS 7 jailbreak. VideoPane is an amazing work of art when it comes to using the iOS 7 jailbreak to its full potential.

If you have ever wanted to watch a video in another app or screen, this is for you. It is basically a PiP cydia app that works with the current iOS 7 jailbreak. There are endless uses for this app. One way we typically use it here at AllCydia is when browsing a safari tab you can watch a video right on the same screen rather than booting another app. Read More...

Bigify+ 3.0 Released – Ready for iOS 7

Breathing a sigh of relief, one of the staple cydia apps in the iOS 7 jailbreak has been released. Bigify+ 3.0 is released and ready for the general public. Keep in mind Bigify+ is the paid version of the app but for the $2 price tag it is worth every penny.

For you new cydia users: Bigify changes the looks of your icons. It allows you to alter the size, rotate, hide labels, flip badges and change the transparency of your iOS app icons or cydia app icons. For the iOS 7 ready version, they added a preview window, a colorizer and some additional textures. Read More...

Change labels in settings using iFile

When you jailbreak your device you are expected to have full control. With the use of the cydia app iFile you can change labels in settings to say whatever you want. Take a look at the screenshot below and you will understand what we mean.

Now how do you do this? Thanks to a user at the reddit jailbreak subreddit here are some step by step tips.

Edited a plist with iFile.


Be sure to back the original file up before you start messing with it. I just named it Settings-old.plist, copied it, then renamed the copy back to Settings.plist.


Fancy – The Cydia App that was meant for the iPhone 5c

Jailbreaking tweaks are at their finest right now. With the new technology and the demand for certain tweaks that change the color and appearance of the device screen has been asked for since this new iOS 7 jailbreak has been released. Well the new cydia app “Fancy” takes a shot at solving this problem.


The tweak has not been released yet, but when it is we will be the first to drop you the link so you can snag this amazing cydia app and begin customizing!

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think! Read More...

Bite SMS Cydia App Beta 2 has been released

Bite SMS Cydia App Beta 2

A very popular iOS 7 cydia app has reached beta 2 just a few hours ago. Bite SMS is a super popular cydia app that is used to enhance the users messaging experience. Bite SMS has features such as Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures and a ton of other good stuff that you will just have to play with. This app is almost ready for cydia iOS 7. Here is a screenshot of what it is looking like in the beta so far! Read More...

FlipControlCenter released for iOS 7 Jailbreak

FlipControlCenter ready for iOS 7 Jailbreak

One of the apps has been waiting for, FlipContolCenter has been updated for the iOS 7 jailbreak. If you are not familiar with what FilpControlCenter does, here is a quick breakdown:

The iOS 7 cydia app FlipControlCenter adds a bunch of additional buttons to the control center. Users can add buttons such as Do not disturb, Location service, rotation, etc. believes this is a must have iOS 7 cydia app. Here is a quick screenshot so you can get an idea of what it looks like. Read More...

iFile tip – change “enter password” to “lost phone”

iFile tip to help in the event you lose your iPhone

So the jailbreak or cydia community delivers again. This is a tip using the iOS 7 cydia app iFile. What it does is take your lock screen and change the message from “enter password” and change it to “lost phone” with a contact e-mail or whatever message you desire.  Here is an example screenshot.

iFile help and tips

How to change lock screen in iFile:

After downloading iFile navigate to: System>Library>PrivateFrameworks>SpringBoardUIServices.framework>en.Iproj

If you have a different default language rather than English, please navigate to the correct folder within settings. Read More...

Blurred Music Cydia App

We came across the Blurred Music cydia app via reddit. We have installed it and thought it was a worthy mention to add to our growing list of iOS 7 cydia apps.

Blurred Music – iOS 7 Cydia App

BlurredMusic iOS 7 cydia app


The app takes the background when listening to music and gives it a “blur” effect. It is a cydia app that is more eye pleasing than functional but we love it all the same.

Got any new iOS 7 cydia apps that have caught your eye? Drop us a comment!