View your volume in the status bar with VolumeStatus 2

Today, we’ll take a look at yet another great Cydia tweak that just about anyone who doesn’t enjoy the way that the volume animation HUD appears can use. There are multiple ways to check and change the current volume of your device, and one of them is to push the volume buttons at the side of your phone. VolumeStatus 2 is a new neat Cydia tweak that allows its uses to quickly find out what is the current volume level simply from the Status Bar.

This tweak introduces a volume level indicator on the Status Bar, further allowing you to quickly glance at the volume level without the need to utilize the volume buttons. Read More...

iOS 8.0.2 is finally out

iOS 8.0.2  by Apple is finally out in the open and it deals with bugs that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users had when installing iOS 8.0.1. In addition, it also addresses a couple of bugs and introduces a number of updates. The update can be obtained for iPad 2 and never versions, iPhone 4S and newer versions, as well as iPod touch 5th generation through iTunes or by an over-the-air-update.

One critical issue that iOS 8.0.2 finally dealt with is the one where iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users lost their cell phone signal and functionality of Touch ID. Read More...

Consider not updating to the newest version of iOS 8

We’ll start this day off with a warning for all current iOS users out there who have the possibility of running iOS 8 on their devices. After Apple has announced the first update to their newest piece of software, the iOS 8.0.1, users from all around the world have been reporting bugs, so before anything else, make sure to stay away from the update at least until clearance is given that all of the problems have been successfully fixed by Apple.

Together with this, if you’re thinking about jailbreaking your iPhone and getting access to Cydia apps and tweaks right now, then it may be best to stick to iOS 7 for the moment, at least until the team behind Pangu will globally release the jailbreak which they’re currently working on.  Read More...

Brightness Activator 2: Control your iPhone’s brightness

I personally change my phone’s brightness settings around 4-5 times on a daily basis, and heading over to the control centre in order to do so can be considered an experience that takes up a lot of time, but which also isn’t truly fun at the same time. With this aspect in mind, Brightness Activator 2 represents yet another great cydia app aimed at making dealing with your iPhone a better experience for just about anyone.

The cydi app doesn’t have a ton of features, but the secret behind what makes it great can be observed right in its name. Read More...

iOS 8 Jailbreak is now one step closer

Well it looks like good news is on the way, the latest tweet from the PanguTeam, the chinese hacking team responsible for jailbreaking iOS 7.1.1, are now one step closer closer with the iOS 8 jailbreak. The tweet reads: “iOS 8 Jailbreak is now one step closer”.

iOS 8 jailbreakHowever for some unknown reason the tweet was deleted minutes later. Just after typing a quick reply message and hitting enter the “sorry that page doesn’t exist” message appeared.

ios 8 jailbreak


Whether this was an accidental tweet not yet ready for public consumption or simply a deliberate attempt to draw up excitement and suspense, we’re still not sure yet. Read More...

Find out more about your apps with Flinfo

Yet another useful Cydia tweak is known by the name of Flinfo. This one allows users to view additional information about any iDevice app with the simple click of a button.

With this in mind, some of the information that can be obtained by using this app includes the app’s bundle ID, current version, executable name and display name.  Many may be wondering why this information would even be relevant, but it can however make a difference for developers, but also jailbreak users as there are times when people require some more technical information.

Leaving its main purpose aside, Flinfo can also copy the information to the device’s clipboard. Read More...

iOS 8 was officially released

If you remember, iOS 8 was originally announced at Apple’s Developers Conference on June 2 which is quite a large number of months ago. Today, on September 17th, the iOS is officially available to iPhone users from all around the world.

The new operating system is claimed to be one of the most advanced ever created by Apple which is simply great news. Additionally, it also packs in some great features, some of them including more AirDrop functionality, the Health App, some software continuity, a better notification centre, better navigation and a couple of more features which are also impressively great from all the points of view. Read More...

Speed up the volume control animation with HUDSpeed

Is it just me or does it simply seem like the volume HUD is a very annoying feature that all the iOS devices currently have? Well, after some research, I came across this great Cydia tweak known by the name of HUDSpeed and I can honestly say that it is one of the most useful out there, especially for people who simply can’t stand the fact that the animation associated with adjusting the volume moves too slowly.

With this in mind, HUDSpeed has one main feature. The fact that it offers users the possibility to adjust the time it takes for the HUD to time out which is simply a great feature that helps it disappear faster. Read More...

How to Download iOS 8 GM

If you didn’t know already, the iOS 8 GM (Gold Master) version is out for all apple developers with the public release due any day now.

If you don’t mind losing your jailbreak go on ahead to to learn how to download iOS 8 GM and install it on your iPhone/iPad!

Has anyone followed the above download iOS 8 GM and tried it out as yet? I’m not sure yet as I don’t want to lose my jailbreak but let me know what you think and may just do it!

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Get more music controls with Clex

I personally enjoy listening to music on my iPhone quite a lot, but it seems like there is something missing. Clex represents yet another great Cydia app that can be used by just about anyone willing to have some more control over their music regardless of the part of the phone that they are situated in.

With this in mind, Clex has a couple of great features and one of the most important is the fact that users can now get to see the list of songs that they have simply by swiping left or right. Read More...

Central Hider allows you to disable Control Center or Notification center via an Activator gesture

While playing a game, especially those with controls on the edges of the screen, you might accidentally open the Notification Center or the Control Center while making a swipe gesture. It can be quite annoying when you’re at a sensitive point of the game and this happens. Central Hider is a jailbreak tweak that saves your day by getting rid of this annoyance.

With Central Hider, you can quickly disable the Notification Center or the Control Center by invoking the tweak with an Activator gesture. Once they’re disabled, swiping from the top of the screen will no more launch Notification Center. Read More...

#PlayMe2 allows you to view the details of the now playing song from the Status Bar

The Status Bar is one of the most important features of iOS that allows you take a quick peek at various information such as time, cellular signal, WiFi signal, battery level and much more from anywhere. #PlayMe2 is one of many cydia apps takes your Status Bar a little further and makes it more useful.

With this cydia tweak, you can quickly find out additional details about a playing song directly from the Status Bar. It keeps on transitioning between the song and the artist name of the currently playing song as well as the time. Read More...

Septembers Top Cydia Tweaks

Jailbreaking has definitely changed iOS devices forever and the ton of Cydia apps and tweaks which can greatly improve the functions that an iDevice has can prove this point. With this in mind, here are some of the best Cydia tweaks for the month of September. Regardless if you have tried them or not, all of these apps can help iPhone users to add some more personality on to their devices which is great news for just about anyone. Before we list the top cydia tweaks for this month, if you haven’t already done so, learn how to jailbreak iOS 7 here or jailbreak iOS 8 here. Read More...

Radiate allows you to add a glow to your Home screen icons

One of the many reasons that users jailbreak their iOS device is to customize it to the fullest. If you’re one of them, make sure to check out a new cydia jailbreak tweak known as Radiate by developer Skumar Space.

The Radiate cydia tweak adds a glow to the icons on your Home screen making your device unique from others. One of the best thing about this tweak is that you have a complete control over how it looks.

Once you install it, you’ll find a plethora of options in the tweaks preferences pane that allows you to customize the glow based on your taste. Read More...

Articon replaces the Music app icon with the album artwork

If you’re a great fan of music, you should probably check out a jailbreak tweak known as Articon which has been developed by magn2o. The cydia tweak doesn’t add a major feature, but rather allows you to make it more unique by customizing the Music app icon.

Articon allows you to customize the icon of the stock Music app by replacing it with the album artwork of the current playing song. This means that whenever a track is being played in the stock Music app, the track’s artwork will replace the original Music app icon as shown in the screenshot below. Read More...

The Winner of the iPhone 5s is..

Thanks for the all those who took part in our iPhone 5s giveaway, it was very difficult to picking a winner because it felt like all of you deserved one!

Now without further ado, let’s announce the winner…

The winner of our iPhone 5s giveaway is Dennis Guarvy. Here is a link to his entry.

Dennis will be contacted via DM very soon with all the details necessary for us to ship his iPhone 5s over to him.

If you haven’t won, please don’t lose faith because we have plenty more giveaways scheduled for the rest of the year. Read More...

iOS 8 gets more features after the release of the iPhone 6

Just a couple of hours have passed since official release of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, but it seems like these two devices weren’t the only stars of the show. Apple has also updated iOS 8 and added a couple of more features that can be considered really useful for anyone with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

The new iOS 8 upgrade will be available on September 17th, just two days before the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The upgrade will be available as a delta upgrade for existing devices running iOS 7. Read More...

Over 1.3 million apps have been posted on the App Store

Apple’s iPhone 6 event just started around 20 minutes ago, and we’ve seen some exciting news including two different sized iPhones known by the names of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

We’ve now seen Apple mention that since the App Store was created, over 1.3 million apps have been created in total. Well, I’m personally very curious to find out how many apps would there be in total if we also were to take in consideration the high number of Cydia apps that have been announced over the years, ever since the first iPhone appeared Saurik created Cydia.  Read More...

24 Hours left to enter our iPhone 5s Giveaway

There’s only 24 hours left to enter our free iPhone 5s giveaway!

If you’ve haven’t done so already, then enter now by clicking here to have a chance of winning an iPhone 5s.

The giveaway is open to anyone of any age or any country and it’s for a brand new iPhone 5s of the color of your choice.

The winner will be contacted via Twitter DM shortly after the giveaway ends.

cydia apps







Good luck to all!

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Control Touch ID error messages with Custom Touch ID Fail

I personally really enjoy freedom, especially when it comes down to being le to customize certain settings of my iOS devices. Today, we’ll cover a smart Cydia app known by the name of Custom Touch ID Fail which serves a single, but great purpose.

With this in mind, any user of this cydia app can change the string of text that is displayed whenever someone attempts to unlock your iPhone 5S via the Touch ID function, but fails to do so because you’ve assigned your own print to it. While it is not something extremely important to do, it can be considered a fun Cydia feature to mess around with and joke around whenever someone else attempts to unlock your phone. Read More...