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More Jailbreak Tweaks for Pairing Android Wear with iOS

Android Wear is showing good signs of progress. There are more options to choose from, each offering improved functionalities, better design and an updated version of the Android Wear. There are also more apps that support Android Wear these days, especially since Google is really pushing its wearable platform forward. It is only natural that developers in the jailbreak community started to play around with getting Android Wear to pair with an iOS device.

Not too long ago, MuhammadAG’s impressed everyone with its success. The Cydia tweak can indeed pair an Android Wear watch with the iPhone or iPad. Read More...

The massive Apple Watch iOS tweak, Aeternum gets an update

If you remember, we’ve recently covered one of the most promising Cydia apps, also known by the name of Aeternum which basically has the role of putting in the Apple Watch UI o your iPhone. Well, the famous app which has received quite a lot of positive reviews by people from all around the world has recently gotten a massive update, thus making it better from all the points of view.

Now, the Cydia tweak definitely has a lot more to offer than it did until now. To put things better into perspective, the app now offers a setting that can be used to change between the old rectangle the a newer diamond layout, an animated clock, a setting for animation speed, calendar icons, a setting for scrolling speed, another one for the dock icon count, a setting for the default zoom level that the Cydia tweak offers and finally a setting meant to centre launched apps. Read More...

Ever wanted the Apple Watch UI on your iPhone? Try Aeternum

Chances are that you’ve already heard about the Apple Watch and the great features that it offers. Well, one thing that always manages to stand out is the fact that Apple didn’t create a version of iOS for the watch, but instead created a new software together with an exciting user interface that many people fell in love with. Well, now, thanks to the help of a great Cydia tweak known by the name of Aeternum, iPhone users from all around the world can simply get that user interface on their devices.

Leaving aside the fact that the Cydia app is extremely responsive and works great with many iPhone models, it also comes with many features. Read More...