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Hermes is a quick reply solution for iOS 7

Although iOS 7 has improved greatly compared to iOS 6, it still lacks a few features such as quick reply which many users have been waiting for. This feature has been implemented in iOS 8, but if you want to enjoy a similar one on iOS 7, you should probably check out a cydia tweak known as Hermes.

Hermes is a lightweight quick reply tweak for iOS 7 that allows you to quickly reply to incoming messages from anywhere within iOS. One of the greatest benefits of the tweak is that it not only works with the stock Messages app but with Whatsapp and Kik as well. Read More...

Snooze notifications with NotifyMeAgain

There are tons of different Cydia apps, created with the sole purpose of improving your daily life when it comes down to your interaction with your phone and today, we’ll be covering a very interesting Cydia tweak known by the name of NotifyMeAgain.

Like many others, chances are that you’re already thinking what this is about. The concept of a snooze button isn’t something new for anybody, but have you ever thought about using it when it comes down to handling notifications? People from all around the world snooze updates on their computers, through the process of asking the computer to remind you later and this is exactly what NotifyMeAgain does, but the only differences are that it works on your phone and it handles notifications. Read More...

CCSliders brings various new sliders to Control Center

Control Center has been the center of focus by many jailbreak developers in the past and this is why you’ll find many tweaks on Cydia dedicated to Control Center. CCSliders is yet another jailbreak tweak that brings various new sliders to Control Center to speed up the process of adjusting various elements in iOS.

The CCSliders cydia tweak adds three new sliders to Control Center along with the brightness slider which can be switched to by tapping the icons to the left and right of it. This means that you can tap the icon to the right of the brightness slider to go to the next slider or you can tap the left icon to navigate to the previous slider. Read More...

Ten Cydia Apps for Photo Editing

10 Photo Editing Cydia Apps That You’re Sleeping On!

Apple iPhones and iPads are incredibly useful and they have an amazing array of built-in tools and functions. But missing features can make some of us a little crazy. If you’re a person who wants more from your phone, you’ve probably already implemented a jailbreak and installed Cydia to download extra features and functions. Here are the most interesting unauthorized photo and camera options available to enhance and organize your photos and videos, and to use your camera in a whole new way.

PhotoEdit:  is a photo editing app that works within the iPhone native photo app environment. Read More...