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FileBrowser, a great alternative to iFile

After many years, I still remember my first jailbreak experience with the iPod Touch 2G. The two first Cydia apps that I installed were Winterboard along with iFile which would allow me to change up a couple of settings on my device. Well, the old and infamous iFile has a bit of more competition right now, after the release of FileBrowser, a brand new Cydia app which can be found on the BigBoss repo, which is free of charge and offers some awesome features.

With this being said, the Cydia app allows iDevice users to easily go ahead and browse throughout the smallest files in their device, on the entire file system and also do a couple of cool things such as creating files, deleting folders, files while also allowing users to rename, copy, paste and edit. Read More...

iFile has an exciting update for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 users

Hundreds have tried to create a great Cydia app that can be used to look through a device and make modifications, but many have failed. However, one of the best ‘finder-like’ apps which also works on the iOS 8 jailbreak is known by the name of iFile.

iFile, the reputable management app for iPhones, has received several recent updates in order to make it work better for users. The Finder-like tool has also been updated for iOS 8 and additional iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support is now available. iFile is a great Cydia app which is useful since it enables you to manage your files and to easily look throughout parts of your device that Apple doesn’t normally give users access to. Read More...

Search your iPhone’s files from Spotlight with SpotFile

One of the main problems that most people who decide to jailbreak their iPhones have is a pretty unexpected question- What should I download? Due to the fact that there are tons of different Cydia apps and cydia tweaks it may be hard for people who are still new to jailbreaking to pick the proper apps, so that’s where we come in!

Today, we’ll talk about a very interesting Cydia app known by the name of SpotFile which was designed in such a way to provide an update for the actual Spotlight function that comes as a standard with most iPhones. Read More...