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Find out more about your apps with Flinfo

Yet another useful Cydia tweak is known by the name of Flinfo. This one allows users to view additional information about any iDevice app with the simple click of a button.

With this in mind, some of the information that can be obtained by using this app includes the app’s bundle ID, current version, executable name and display name.  Many may be wondering why this information would even be relevant, but it can however make a difference for developers, but also jailbreak users as there are times when people require some more technical information.

Leaving its main purpose aside, Flinfo can also copy the information to the device’s clipboard. Read More...

iOS 8 was officially released

If you remember, iOS 8 was originally announced at Apple’s Developers Conference on June 2 which is quite a large number of months ago. Today, on September 17th, the iOS is officially available to iPhone users from all around the world.

The new operating system is claimed to be one of the most advanced ever created by Apple which is simply great news. Additionally, it also packs in some great features, some of them including more AirDrop functionality, the Health App, some software continuity, a better notification centre, better navigation and a couple of more features which are also impressively great from all the points of view. Read More...

Change the colour of your notifications with xNotiLockColor

The Cydia market is full of different jailbreak tweaks that can change the way things are displayed on your iOS device. Today we’ll be covering an interesting cydia app known by the name of xNotiLockColor.

Chances are that the cydia apps name may actually give you a hint referring to what it does. Well, as simple as it may seem, the cydia apps simple purpose of changing the notification’s colours can actually be considered quite a smart idea, as many people with jailbroken devices enjoy tweaking around with the display settings in order to make it look more personalized, but also to give others a hint of their personality. Read More...

Secure your iPhone with Asphaleia

To be honest, I’ve always loved cydia apps that have something to do with security. With the iOS 8 jailbreak right around the corner, more and more great Cydia apps appear on a daily basis. Asphaleia, regardless of its weird name is one of them!

With the iPhone 5S, Apple also introduced Touch ID, a smart fingerprint sensor that can be used in order to unlock your device or initiate certain functions, but Apple never really tried its best in order to incorporate it into other apps and into the OS, thus making things more interesting. Read More...

Get more functionality over the music app with BookSong

Cydia is full of cydia apps that are designed in such a way to greatly improve the life of any user with a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod. Today, we’ll talk about an easy, but interesting Cydia app known by the name of BookSong.

While its purpose may not seem extremely important at the first glance, BookSong is quite useful for just about anyone. We all love music and this app has a very important role in making enjoying to music on your jailbroken iOS device a better experience. With this in mind, it remembers where you’re left when playing a song regardless of whether you stop the app from running or perform a respring. Read More...

Control the functions of the sleep button with Power Tap

Cydia apps are great as they have the potential of brining a lot more functionality to any type of iDevice. Today, we’ll cover a Cydia app known by the name of Power Tap. While it doesn’t have a wide array of features, it is however a stable platform that has a single purpose which is to allow users to perform actions such as booting into safe mode, powering up or performing a respring by simply pressing the power button.

After it has been installed, Power Tap begins to work automatically, thus making it great and easy to use. Read More...

Genie: The best Cydia app for your lockscreen

Apple is well known for being able to create a variety of great handheld devices and they can all be jailbroken, which is well… great news! However, many Cydia tweaks available at the moment are overly complicated and feature way too many settings and choices for a jailbreak ‘noob’. Genie represents a newly released app, capable of changing things up.

Well, Genie does exactly what a smart Cydia app should be able to do. Offer great features which are both useful, but also easy to understand by the average user who doesn’t have too much knowledge in the technical side of things. Read More...

Media Downloader allows people to easily download videos and other files to their device

Jailbreaking is great and the wide variety of cydia tweaks and apps available work great towards making your Apple device stand out while also increasing its functionality from all the points of view.

Today we’ll be covering a very interesting, but also useful app that can be downloaded from Cydia. It goes by the name of Media Downloader and simply provides what other web browsers such as Safari fail to. This web browser tweak is famous for bringing the owner of the Apple device a couple of additional features that can help anyone out.

However, what makes it different is that it actually is a standalone web browser app that can be used just like Chrome or Safari itself. Read More...