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MorePredict displays more predicted words on iOS 8 keyboard

One of the major new features of iOS 8 is that it now displays word predictions above the keyboard allowing you to choose any as you type. However, some users wish that the keyboard displayed more word predictions rather than three. This is why a new jailbreak tweak known as MorePredict emerged on Cydia recently to fix this problem.

Developed by PoomSmart, the Cydia tweak allows you to choose the number of word predictions that you want to be displayed on the keyboard rather than the default word count of three. On smaller screens such as the iPhone 5 or the 5s, we recommend that you go with 6 word predictions, but on larger devices such as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can go even higher. Read More...

TypeAndTalk allows you to type a text while using the Dictation mode


One of the most useful features of iOS 7 is the ability to speak to your device and have the text automatically typed for you without doing it manually. The feature can be enabled by tapping on the microphone button at the bottom of the keyboard, right next to the ‘space’ button. However, when you enable the dictation mode, you will be prevented from typing as the device will be listening to your words and will type it automatically once your finished.

TypeAndTalk is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to type as well as use the dictation mode. Read More...

Add shortcuts to your keyboard with SwipeExpander

There are tons of Cydia apps and cydia tweaks out there, some better when compared to others, but each one severs a main purpose which makes it unique in a certain way as no jailbreak app is the same. We all know what shortcuts are and how they can save us time both in real life, but also online or on the devices that we use. Today, we’ll talk about an app which is known by the name of SwipeExpander.

Its name doesn’t necessarily ring a bell unless you’ve heard about the app before. It was designed to allow iOS users to use the keyboard of their device to create and apply shortcuts that can do a wide variety of actions. Read More...