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Get landscape mode on your iPhone with SBRotator

A very interesting feature that is available on all of the models of the iPad, but also over on the iPhone 6 Plus is the ability of the device to rotate its screen automatically into landscape mode on the home screen and even lock screen and this can now easily be fixed with the help of SBRotator.

While I am personally not a big fan of using landscape over on my iOS devices, it is worth stating that the feature is something that thousands of people from all around the world who do not have an iPad or the iPhone 6 Plus would like to see on their devices. Read More...

Use Notate to switch off the automatic landscape mode

The iPhone 6 Plus has a number of advantages compared to the regular iPhone 6. The main one, however, is that the screen automatically rotates to landscape when you use your SpringBoard. Additionally, devices that use tweaks like Upscale or LittleBrother can also use auto rotation.

However, not everybody likes this feature and it seems like many actually find it annoying, me included. Luckily, it seems like there is a solution for it, as it can be achieved by downloading  the jailbreak tweak Notate, which is a brand new Cydia tweak that is quickly rising in popularity, thanks to its one, but important feature which allows you to switch off or switch on the automatic home screen movement, that the iPhone 6 Plus is known for.  Read More...