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Get an awesome Lock Screen on your iOS device with Atom

Opening an app from the lock screen is easy to do with phones made almost all companies except for Apple, which has decided to allow users to be able to open the Camera app only from the Lock Screen. However, this is about to change with the release of an interesting Cydia tweak known by the name of Atom.

Now, the famous iOS jailbreak app is getting a big update in order to make it work great with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As a new developer has joined the team, the new version of the tweak will probably be available in the Cydia store this Friday. Read More...

Get an elegant Lock Screen with LockSmoother+

One thing that many people from all around the world enjoy in life is elegance. In the case that you have an iOS device, but aren’t really fond of the main UI tweaks that are displayed by default, then LockSmoother+ may be a great Cydia tweak for you to try out.

As the name implies, the main goal of this app is to go ahead and make sure to provide users with both a sleeker looking but also smoother lock screen that can greatly improve the overall appeal of a smartphone.


Get a sleeker lock screen with SleekCode

While there are a couple of great Cydia tweaks which offer a variety of customizing options for the lock screen, but also widgets, I personally feel like there isn’t an app which stands out from all the points of view. However, an interesting Cydia tweak that actually has a lot of potential is known by the name of SleekCode.

This great Cydia tweak which can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repo allows users to change the look of the traditional iPhone passcode screen. With this in mind, it offers a variety of different themes including passcode rings, blur, alpha and a couple of more features that allow users to hide the emergency dial button, but also the famous ‘Slide to Unlock’ quite that iDevices are well known for. Read More...

STUCalendar adds the current date to Lock screen unlock slider

One of the many reasons that users jailbreak their iOS 8 device is to have the freedom to customize it the way they want. One of the iOS 8 elements that users mostly look forward to customizing is the unlock slider on the Lock screen. STUCalendar is a new iOS 8 jailbreak tweak that provides you the ability to customize it.

STUCalendar replaces the Slide to Unlock text on the Lock screen with the current date of your device which can be either Gregorian, Persian or Hebrew.

Although the current date appears on the Lock screen right below the time, with this tweak, you can also view the current Hebrew or the Persian date which is a nice addition especially if you deal with these dates frequently since iOS 8 doesn’t provide an option to choose them. Read More...

Get more information on your lock screen with TodayLock

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel like lock screens simply have too much potential that isn’t being used for the right purposes. This is one of my favourite cydia apps right now and her is why.

When I look down at my iPhone 5s, I don’t only want to see who called and what the time is. Instead, I feel like the lock screen should be a source of important information which can be displayed without needing to unlock a phone, thus wasting too much time. Well, it seems like a jailbreak tweak known by the name of TodayLock is close to the exact lock screen design that I’m looking for. Read More...