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Ever Wanted to Have Safari View Controller in Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp and Alien Blue? Well, Now You Can!

Safari View Controller is a brand new feature in recently released iOS 9 that allows the developers to enable an in-app browser, itself based on Safari, that uses many of the features which make using standalone Safari so great. Some (but not all!) of the benefits are the possibility to use current logins, access the keychain and use autofill. And of course, there’s more – please continue reading below.

Earlier, developers had to make due with browsers of their own making for their apps, which actually meant that users couldn’t make use of ongoing logins, the keychain, or use autofill when viewing the web through said browsers. Read More...

SafariRefresh ports the Pull to Refresh feature to Safari

One of the useful features of the Mail app is that it allows you to pull down the mails list to refresh it and load new mails. Such a feature is inherent in other third-party apps as well including Whatsapp. SafariRefresh is one of those Cydia tweaks that ports the pull to refresh feature to the stock Safari app.

Normally, you can refresh a page in Safari by tapping on the round arrow in the URL bar. Although it’s not a hard task, it might be difficult to reach it when using a larger device such as the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus. Read More...