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Get rid of the status bar with NoSwitchBar

Yet another great Cydia tweak that has just been released on the Cydia store is known by the name of NoSwitchBar and it plays a great role in improving the overall aspect of your device, by dealing with a very annoying issue.

With this factor in mind, the Cydia app allows users to go ahead and eschew the status bar that appears at the top of app card previews over in the App Switches tweak that we have discussed about before. While many may have noticed that the status bar is always displayed above, the issue has gotten quite annoying, as it is a visual burden that can make people from all around the world get a little bit angry. Read More...

View your volume in the status bar with VolumeStatus 2

Today, we’ll take a look at yet another great Cydia tweak that just about anyone who doesn’t enjoy the way that the volume animation HUD appears can use. There are multiple ways to check and change the current volume of your device, and one of them is to push the volume buttons at the side of your phone. VolumeStatus 2 is a new neat Cydia tweak that allows its uses to quickly find out what is the current volume level simply from the Status Bar.

This tweak introduces a volume level indicator on the Status Bar, further allowing you to quickly glance at the volume level without the need to utilize the volume buttons. Read More...