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PersonalAssistant aims to change the way your lockscreen works

At this moment in time, there are numerous jailbreak apps that have the potential of shaking up the entire jailbreak community. However, not many of them live up to their true potential. Unlike those apps, a new Cydia app known by the name of PersonalAssistant will likely stir up the waters and encourage users from all around the world to give it a try.

Before anything else, it’s worth pointing out that the tweak has a total of seven tweaks put just into one, in order to grant users the best experience possible.PersonalAssistant-information-on-Lock-Screen

To put things better into perspective, the PersonalAssistant tweak represents a new way of observing and digesting information on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Read More...

Extensify: Tweaks for Non-Jailbroken IOS Devices

One of the best things about having a jailbroken iOS device is the ability to add tweaks and add-ons to the operating system. Adding new features, improving the overall user experience and even modifying iOS altogether can be done rather easily. However, the latest iOS 8.4.1 officially closed the bug that was used to enable jailbreaking. IOS 9, on the other hand, will make jailbreaking your iPhone that much more difficult. So how can we continue to add tweaks in the future? Extensify is here with an answer.


IMods: The Next Big Cydia Alternative?

We’ve seen a lot of Cydia alternatives over the years. They come and go for various reasons, but none were captivating enough to actually replace Cydia. IMods, on the other hand, may be different. Unlike Extensify, which we featured earlier, iMods is a full-on Cydia replacement that offers a lot of interesting things.


ProximityActivator: Use Proximity Gestures as Activator

There is already a long list of Activator tweaks and add-ons that you can add to your jailbroken iOS devices. These tweaks add a lot of new functionalities that make using the iOS device a lot more pleasant and convenient. This next tweak, however, took Activator tweaks to a whole new level.

Instead of relying on buttons or the touchscreen of your iPhone, you can now access apps, invoke settings and perform other tasks by simply waving your hand in front of the proximity sensor. ProximityActivator, the name of this tweak, enables you to make use of the proximity sensor to your advantage. Read More...

Translucent Cydia: The How To Guide for the Cydia Install Screen

Introducing Translucent Cydia!

Soon after Cydia reached version 1.1.19, the update finally allowed to all sorts of tweaks to modify, improve and engage  the Cydia experience to a whole new level. Tweaks came in all sorts of categories: some tweaks added brand new functionalities to Cydia (for example, SwipeForMore, one of the definite must haves for Cydia of all time).Yet, other tweaks, (as TranslucentCydia, which we will discuss in more detail below), approach things differently and simply seek to modify  Cydia’s appearance.TranslucentCydia-577x1024

Translucent Cydia 2

According to the developer Same Stone, the goal of Translucent Cydia os to “prettify the Cydia installation screen”. Read More...

True App Backgrounding Introduced to All Jailbroken iOS Devices – A New Addition By Watchdog

Once upon a time, there was a certain little jailbreak tweak by the name of Backgrounder. It introduced true app backgrounding before iOS had the option of multitasking. That tweak no longer works for the latest firmware, but a new tweak called Watchdog aims to make true app backgrounding available today on iOS 8.

So, what exactly is Watchdog? Watchdog is a beta tweak developed by Allan Kerr and is available by his third-party repo. Get ready to be instructed how to set up Watchdog on your jailbroken device, with a couple of useful tips. Read More...

WeatherPeek – A Nifty Weather App for Your Home Screen

It seems that we just can’t get enough of weather apps. Not surprising – it allows us to prepare better for going outside, as well as giving us something to talk to with random strangers we happen to encounter in elevators. In essence, weather is a sure way to break an awkward silence; WeatherPeek is here to help you deal just with that sort of an issue.

WeatherPeek, developed by AtomDevTeam, is exactly what it says on the tin; it allows you to use a special ‘peek’ motion while on Home screen to check the current weather forecast. Read More...

IllLookLater – The Precious Battery and Nerve Saver

For all of its good qualities, even the iPhone needs to be improved as time passes; their notification system simply leaves much to be desired for. For starters, all the notifications that you receive on your smartphone will awaken your Lock screen as it is engaged; and as battery on smartphones is easily drained, you’d want to keep these sorts of notifications at a minimum.

It doesn’t work, since you can’t simply do away with all the unwanted notifications. Until now.IllLookLater-2

IllLookLater is a neat little app that allows you to silence all the notifications you want. Read More...

Full-Screen App Switcher with FullSwitch

FullSwitch, as the name suggests, is a jailbreak tweak designed to customize the way app cards are shown in App Switcher. Instead of the original small cards we have with the iOS App Switcher, the tweak will provide you with full-screen cards. This jailbreak tweak will certainly be popular among those who think the original app cards are way too small to show a preview.

Similar to many jailbreak tweaks, you can install FullSwitch from BigBoss repo. Once installed, you can access the Settings screen of FullSwitch to turn it on. You will now have full-screen previews of the apps you have opened when you open the App Switcher window. Read More...

CSources2 Lets You Manage Cydia Repos

If you are like me and you have a lot of Cydia repositories added to the jailbreak environment, then you will certainly find CSources2 very useful. CSources2 is a jailbreak app that allows you to organize, manage and back up jailbreak repositories without having to go through all the steps manually.

The jailbreak app is currently available through Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99. Once installed, you can add repos to the CSources2. However, you will still need to manually remove existing repositories you have added to Cydia in order to let this app control and manage everything for you. Read More...

Couria Now Available for Free on Cydia!

If you are familiar with the most popular jailbreak tweaks and you have been following our blog, then you are certainly familiar with Couria. The jailbreak tweak has been available as a beta on BigBoss’s repository on Cydia, and it has generated a lot of buzz these past several months. After BiteSMS was discontinued, Couria may be the next big thing for those who want to have a truly capable quick reply tweak.

Couria is now available for free, still from BigBoss’s repo. You can download and install the tweak to enjoy a wide range of features offered by Couria. Read More...

NCMeters: Vital Meters on Your Notification Centre

IOS users don’t normally keep track of their devices’ vital stats, such as processor and memory usage. Knowing these stats, however, can prove to be useful, especially when you are experiencing difficulties, lags and other common issues with the device. There are several jailbreak tweaks that can help show these stats through a separate screen, but NCMeters takes it a step further and grants access to these vital stats rather easily.

NCMeters is a tweak for monitoring vital stats through the Notification Centre. Once installed, the tweak adds a new line to the bottom of the Notification Centre, giving you access to a number of vital stats. Read More...

Portrait Wallpaper Offers Great Portrait Wallpapers

The apps and tweaks on Cydia never cease to amaze me. Portrait Wallpaper is one of my personal favourites; definitely a must-have if you want to improve your iOS device’s display and overall appearance.

As the name suggests, Portrait Wallpaper’s main purpose is to display portrait wallpapers. Even further, it stops your iOS wallpaper from rotating when you switch to Landscape mode. The wallpaper will remain in portrait view, making the user interface rather interesting depending on the wallpaper you use.PortraitWallpaper-1024x576

The tweak works mainly with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both devices are capable of displaying the Home screen in landscape mode out of the box. Read More...

InstallReset: A Special Tweak for Special Users

Let me give you a word of warning: this next jailbreak tweak is not for everyone. If you are like me and you are incredibly meticulous about organizing your home screen, however, InstallReset is a very handy Cydia tweak to have. What it does is very simple: it forces the apps on your home screen to revert to its alphabetical order whenever you install or uninstall a new app.

InstallReset makes installing new apps or removing unused ones very convenient. You no longer have to get used to the new locations of the home screen icons every time you make changes to your phone. Read More...

Stratos is now making multitasking better

One thing that Apple still hasn’t managed to do right refers to the creation of multitasking system good enough as an effort to ensure that people will not need to jailbreak their devices in order to get one. Today, a highly anticipated Cydia app was released as an effort to ensure that multitasking is now even easier. Meet Stratos.

As the Cydia tweak aims to simplify the way that anyone interacts with their iPhone, the app actually manages to do things quite well. Not only does its design make interacting with other apps an extremely easier experience, but the app also offers quite a large number of settings that can be tweaked as an effort to ensure that users get access to the best experience possible. Read More...

Auxo Legacy Edition, Coming Next Month!

I believe I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for the Auxo Legacy Edition. After a few teasers, including the one released just a few days ago, it is now confirmed that the Auxo Legacy Edition will soon be available. In fact, it is coming next month!

Auxo Legacy Edition is a much anticipated revival of the original Auxo. It is a jailbreak tweak designed to revamp the Notification Bar and Recent Apps interface completely. It adds cards and a wealth of other features to the mix. It also looks much better than the standard iOS Recent Apps interface. Read More...

Widgets Are Finally Coming to Reachability with WidgetCenter

Reachability has been one of the hottest features of the new iOS, offering users a chance to keep their phones usable with one hand even with the expanded screen sizes of the newer devices. Even developers are excited, with more and more Reachability-related jailbreak tweaks and add-ons being released to Cydia.

Reachability has not only done a great job in making the iPhone more usable, but the feature has also encouraged a larger number of people to switch to iOS. However, there are still many things that need to be done in order to improve the feature and the appearance of widgets and Cydia tweaks like this is definitely a great step in that direction. Read More...

Access Your Most Used Apps with Popular

There are a lot of tweaks that can help you organize app icons for quick access, but this next jailbreak app is special. Meet Popular, a jailbreak tweak that will help you access most used apps quickly no matter where you are on the system, known by the interesting name of Popular.

Popular replaces the Recent Contacts and Favourite Contacts shortcuts with an app launcher. It integrates directly into the App Switcher and works seamlessly regardless of the apps you like to use. It is also very easy to set up; very clever too.Popular-1024x576

What separates Popular from other similar tweaks is the way this tweak uses your usage information to sort apps. Read More...

Get an awesome Lock Screen on your iOS device with Atom

Opening an app from the lock screen is easy to do with phones made almost all companies except for Apple, which has decided to allow users to be able to open the Camera app only from the Lock Screen. However, this is about to change with the release of an interesting Cydia tweak known by the name of Atom.

Now, the famous iOS jailbreak app is getting a big update in order to make it work great with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As a new developer has joined the team, the new version of the tweak will probably be available in the Cydia store this Friday. Read More...

Aoraki: More Than Just Simple Actions

There are a lot of activators for iOS that allow you to access quick actions from any screen. This next jailbreak tweak, known as Aoraki, is more than just an activator. You can perform a lot of advanced tasks with a tap on your iPhone or iPad screen. What are the features found in Aoraki? That is what we are going to find out in this article.

We will let you be the judge and let us know what you think about this promising Cydia tweak. Aoraki

A Long List of Features

Aoraki is somewhat less focused than other activators for iOS users. Read More...