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xSellize, The Best Gaming Cydia Repo Source

Once you jailbreak your device, you would want to try different Cydia repo or sources that can help you explore the possibilities of your iPhone through Cydia : xSellize is the best when it comes to games repo. While there are endless repos, we all know that all of them are not very reliable. You may end up with repos that are unreliable and ones that may not give you enough apps or tweaks. Looking for reputed repos when you are beginning to use your jailbroken device is a good thing to do.

xSellize : One of the most popular gaming repos that you may come across

With millions of Apple users and numerous apps, developers have a lot going on iOS devices, but for those who love to access more, the Cydia store opens a lot many opportunities for customizing your iOS device. Read More...

11 Top Cydia Sources, the Ultimate Selection (with Download Links)

Apple’s proprietary operating system, iOS is a superb platform to use, but for those who like to extend the abilities of their iOS device so that they can enjoy beyond the usual iOS platform can jailbreak their device to explore further options. Cydia is one of those third party platforms that has gained popularity among jailbroken iOS devices. While some people look forward to jail breaking their device to explore new abilities, very often after the jailbreak is complete, they are not sure of the possibilities of their device. A good place to begin is adding sources to the Cydia store. Read More...