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Get a cool dock on your iOS device with Harbor


Are you a fan of the way the dock works over on all of the Apple computers that have been released until now? If you know what we are talking about, then chances are that you like the idea and you may have thought about whether it would be fun to have the same feature over on your iPad or other iOS device.

For those who are not really sure on what we are talking about, Apple is famous for having an interactive dock, where apps can be stored over on the Mac OS computers. With this in mind, apps are not stored oFn the desktop, but rather in a dock, thus making them accessible at just about any time. Read More...

Get a different looking dock with RoundDock

A couple of years back, many iOS users from all around the world were obsessed with the idea of changing up the dock, as it looked quite bad when viewed from an objective point of view. Today, the look of it has definitely improved, but the possibility of customizing it is still here and if you happen to be interested in getting a round dock, then RoundDock may be the Cydia tweak for you.


Get rid of your dock with Abeo

One of the main benefits of Jailbreaking an iOS device refers to the fact that doing so may allow you to customize your iPhone and make the user interface look differently. A great Cydia tweak that is also available with the iOS 8 jailbreak is known by the name of Abeo and helps users get rid of their device’s dock.

While the dock represents one of the most loved aspects of iOS ever since it was created, there are times when all of us feel the need to experiment with different customization options and find something that suits our style. Read More...