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Better Screenshots with Snapper 2

Taking a screenshot of your iOS device is fairly easy. You press and hold the Power/Sleep and Home button, release them and a screenshot is saved automatically. That doesn’t stop jailbreak developers from inventing new, better ways of taking screenshots. I personally love the original Snapper for iOS. Now, there’s a new version out.

Snapper 2: Better Screenshots

Snapper 2 is an upgrade of the original Snapper. It is still available as a premium tweak on Cydia. If you have the original version of Snapper, you can upgrade to Snapper 2 for just $1.49.

Once installed, Snapper 2 offers a wide range of tools and features that will make taking screenshots and storing them much more fun and flexible. Read More...

Take screenshots that don’t show the Status Bar via NoBarScreen

When you take a screenshot on your Apple device, you will always see the status bar on it as well. Nobody really wants to see how much battery you have left or how good your signal is. Luckily, thanks to NoBarScreen, a new jailbreak tweak, you can now take a picture without the status bar. As this has annoyed people from all around the world, the great Cydia tweak will easily allow users from all around the world to enjoy better looking screenshots, without having to worry about the status bar blocking things up.


Take better screenshots with CroppingScreen

Has it occurred to you that you wanted to send someone a message with something interesting on your screen, but you had to take a full screenshot and the crop it out? Well, this has happened to many people from all around the world, which is also the reason why CroppingScreen was created.

It pretty much represents a must-have Cydia app for iOS users, as it allows them to easily take screenshots of certain portions of a screen with the help of a smart and easy to use interface. This Cydia app doesn’t only save you a lot of time, but it is also easy to use. Read More...