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Get Siri Suggestions in Spotlight

Siri Suggestions is an interesting feature introduced in iOS 9. It adds suggestions to the Spotlight interface that appears when you swipe left on the Home screen. Siri Suggestions is a feature that brings suggested contacts, apps and shortcuts along with news and topics as well as places that you might be interested in nearby.

Although this feature is a handy one to have, Siri Suggestions only appear when you swipe left on the Home screen. It doesn’t appear in other Spotlight interfaces, including the classic Spotlight search that you can pull down from the top of the screen. Read More...

Use Hey Siri without connecting to a power outlet with UntetheredHeySiri

One of the main features of iOS 8 is that it allows you to say “Hey Siri” to your device while it’s connecting to a power outlet and in return have Siri launched automatically. This means that you no longer need to hold the Home button to launch Siri.

However, the only way to take advantage of this feature is to have your device connected to a power source and then it would listen to your words. UntetheredHeySiri is a brand new jailbreak tweak that gets rid of this restriction. The tweak gives you the freedom to launch Siri automatically whenever you want by saying “Hey Siri” to your device. Read More...