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Get Siri Suggestions in Spotlight

Siri Suggestions is an interesting feature introduced in iOS 9. It adds suggestions to the Spotlight interface that appears when you swipe left on the Home screen. Siri Suggestions is a feature that brings suggested contacts, apps and shortcuts along with news and topics as well as places that you might be interested in nearby.

Although this feature is a handy one to have, Siri Suggestions only appear when you swipe left on the Home screen. It doesn’t appear in other Spotlight interfaces, including the classic Spotlight search that you can pull down from the top of the screen. Read More...

Search your iPhone’s files from Spotlight with SpotFile

One of the main problems that most people who decide to jailbreak their iPhones have is a pretty unexpected question- What should I download? Due to the fact that there are tons of different Cydia apps and cydia tweaks it may be hard for people who are still new to jailbreaking to pick the proper apps, so that’s where we come in!

Today, we’ll talk about a very interesting Cydia app known by the name of SpotFile which was designed in such a way to provide an update for the actual Spotlight function that comes as a standard with most iPhones. Read More...