AllCydia is giving away an iPhone 5s

By | September 2, 2014

We’re giving away an iPhone 5s to one lucky reader!

The iPhone 5s is one of the most popular phones in the world, its true potential is unlocked once it’s been jailbroken (using our iOS 7 jailbreak guide) and installed with essential cydia apps, and now you can have a chance to win one.

Before we get into the details on how to enter we just want to cover some rules: this giveaway is for a brand new 16GB iPhone 5s of the color of your choice and only one entry is allowed per reader.

Who can enter?

Anyone, of any age, living on planet Earth can enter to win the iPhone 5s. There is absolutely no restriction. If you know how to use a mouse, a trackpad, or a Multi-Touch screen, then consider yourself eligible for this iPhone 5s giveaway.

6 Steps to Enter:

Here is what you have to do to enter this giveaway:

1. Click the Facebook “Share” icon at the bottom of this post and share it on your FB.

2. “Like” AllCydia on Facebook

3. Follow AllCydia on Twitter

4. Retweet this post by clicking here

5. Subscribe to the AllCydia newsletter below (strictly no spam – just an RSS email 3 times a week)

6. Leave a comment below with your Twitter username or your name on Facebook, and why we should pick you as the winner


Please only leave one comment per entry.

The winner will be selected next Wednesday (10th Sept 2014) and will be notified via Twitter DM.

Good luck to all of you!
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Author: James Hakim

Pharmacist by day, AllCydia blogger by night. I'm James, editor of AllCydia. Apple fan boy, jailbreak fan and cydia app fanatic. Follow me on twitter and say Hi :)

  • Jonas Thijs


    I think anyone has a good reason to get this iPhone, anyone can use it, and who doesn’t like free stuff? The free part is the biggest reason I want it. Being a student and a photographer is not an easy combination. You are pretty much always investing in equipment which you need to improve your work. Every hard earned euro I get from making some pictures almost immediately goes towards savings for a new lens/flash/…

    I’ve had iPhone’s in the past and they are just perfect for keeping my calendar all synced, using airplay to show some pictures on the big screen, and generally keeping all my pages and sites up to date with new pictures.

    That being said, my current phone is almost four years old and while it does the job, it does it slowly, very slowly. Apps crashing is something I’ve gotten used to and just the most basic thing like opening a photo feed can take up to 20 seconds. The 5S would really be an amazing, welcome upgrade.

  • @JeFPr0ducti0ns

    iPhones are being used daily, apps are being made daily as well. Me, being a student in the videogame sector would like to test run applications and create applications for the iPhone specifically. Aside from being a game developer student I am also an active photographer. Getting side jobs here and there, well, here and there can easily be forgotten if not forgotten! This is why a good calender and reminder is essential to my line of job and my future career, i have been using a Huawei but i have gotten used to it shutting down and it being unreliable, never sure if i am able to open my address book or the GPS to locate where the wedding photoshoot is going to be!

    Having an iphone would benefit me in so many way, being able to keep lists, appointments, easily contacting client and at the same time be testing my games and applications that i can test on my own device. Being a student, living on my own, paying my own bills and picking up some cash here and there with my camera makes it really hard to be able to save up and spend it on an iPhone. Winning this phone would seriously increase my workflow and productivity!

  • manjeet singh

    Apple Iphone 5S nice mobile @manjeet929

  • Vipin Kumar Gautam

    I want this iphone because i love new technology and i am very much facinated about its finger touch uid feature.. So i want to have it…

  • Keep the entries coming guys 🙂

  • lowrider

    My mom wants a new smartphone for her birthday and I’m thinking about giving her my Samsung. And what better phone to replace it than a new iPhone 5S? I just love it, clean and nice design and an awesome operating system. Should I say more?

    • lowrider

      Oh, and I forgot about my Twitter:

  • Micah Unruh


    An iPhone would swiftly solve my current predicament, where my phone is horribly outdated and my iPod is slowly (but very surely) dying. I’m serious about the iPod dying, it can’t connect to iTunes or download podcasts anymore and I listen to a LOT of them biking to and from school.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon 😉

  • iApple111


    Currently, I own an iPhone 4 and it’s time for an upgrade. Why not have one for free? (If I’m lucky enough 😀 )

    Thanks for the giveaway though!

  • Wow. Glad to see you guys really care about your users.

  • Michelle

    As I already have an iPhone, if I won this, I’d give it to my brother who is soon going for his degree in software engineering. His current phone is a Samsung Pocket Neo and he has a budget computer so an iPhone would be incredibly beneficial towards his future studies and experiments. Thanks for the great opportunity to win this, though!
    Twitter: kiwigirl2369

  • Devashish Shukla

    please !!!! i want a iphone to gift it to my grandmother

  • Carolina Bonetti

    @CBonetti I would love to win because I have never owned an iphone before, awesome giveaway

  • Jiuliano Rodriguez

    @jelowmelow on twitter and on facebook :
    Because the Iphone 5s would definitley help me in studies as well as managing the family business .

  • Dennis Guarvy

    @BubluDaiFlu is the twitter and on facebook :
    I can’t afford the iPhone 5s and hell as not afford the iPhone 6 this would really help me with my studies and help me focus on a career in tech .

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    @jaclynfett on twitter
    We have 1 basic cell phone in our home, I would love the iphone 5 to use to get online and keep in contact with friends and family. Would love to be able to record video without my big chunky digital camera too!

  • Kristiana

    Hello, I would really love to win this iphone as it has always been my wish to own one but I never get to buy one because they are too expensive for me to afford, This would really be a wish come true if I was able to own this as I love using technology and an Iphone would be something I would absolutely love to have. I know there are lots of other applicants but
    Please, please consider me. I will take good care of it, I will finally get the cute cases I always look at but I can never own because I dont have an iphone and to be honest. This year has been a really bad year for me as I was helping a few friends in need to battle depression and I have recently gone through some family issues so please, be my little ray of sunshine in my rainy storm?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

  • katy swartz

    I am recently new to getting any sort of gadgets but my parents wont let me have a phone because they say its too expensive so please if I get this I would be very happy

  • ckuzelka


    Simply put- you just should. I want the phone to jailbreak the snot out of it. I cant stand the restrictions and control Apple wants to have over my devices. To jailbreak is to liberate the phone from tyranny! 😉

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