Pandora Downloader: Download It and Try Songs For Free

Pandora is one of the best music streaming services which has a lot of music and artists in its list, iOS users who are using devices that are jailbroken can use the Pandora downloader to enjoy Pandora without having to pay for the songs. You can use the Pandora downloader and download unlimited songs from Pandora.

Music lovers will have a reason to rejoice, especially if they want to try songs for free before they choose whether they wish to download it by paying for them or not. Not only does Pandora work as a music downloader, but it also works as a music player for your iOS device. You can allow it to run in the background and play music just like your native Apple music app.

With the help of Pandora, you can play the songs that you downloaded without having to connect to the internet. This comes very handy especially if you are travelling and you may end up without an internet connection. Downloading your favorite songs can now be easy and simple with Pandora downloader but be aware that you will be dealing with quite a few ads in the app. For those who do not like too many ads, use the AdBlocker Free app to block ads and enjoy uninterrupted service.

Pandora is available through the xSellize or the BigBoss repo in the form of a free app. If you are planning to use Pandora downloader then you must jailbreak your iOS device and then install Cydia on your iOS device. Without Cydia you will not be able to download Pandora downloader. Once you have Cydia installed on the device, you will require a repository that will help you download Pandora. This is also known as repos or sources.

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On Cydia, tap on the tab that says Sources and then look for the option to Add Source. Here you must add the source xSellize which will help you download Pandora downloader. The link for adding this source is

Sources that have Pandora downloader

However, xsellize is not the only source that has Pandora downloader in its repository. Other sources that include it are Big Boss and Insanleyi. While Big Boss is a default source which means you wouldn’t have to worry about adding it, if you choose to use the insanelyi repo, then use this link to add this repo to Cydia. Harrisons Apps is another repo that can help you get Pandora downloader. Get this repo by using this link .

If you are adding a repo then confirm and install the particular repo to Cydia so that you will be able to access apps like the Pandora downloader through this source. Once it is installed, reopen Cydia and search Pandora Downloader. Install it and start using the tweak.

Download Pandora downloader

Once Pandora downloader has been downloaded and installed on your system, you must ensure that you also have an iTunes account and an account on radio station. All you need to do is tap on the radio button which is located between the thumbs down and the up keys.

If you want to download a particular song from iTunes or from radio station then you can pull up the menu and tap on arrow and then select the option that is “Save Song” option. Then Pandora downloader will be loaded and you can download and play the songs that you want to try. For those who want to skip a particular song, you can skip any number of songs and download the ones that you wish to try.


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You can transfer music from Pandora downloader to iTunes

You will also be able to transfer music from Pandora downloader to iTunes through your Windows or Mac PC. These songs can be found under var/mobile/media/Pandoradirectory.

Pandora downloader is easy to use and it is one of the best apps that you can have on your iOS device. Not only does it give you access to innumerable files, it also gives you the added benefit of a music player for your device. For those who are looking for an alternative to Pandora downloader, Pandora Skips is also considered to be a useful app which has almost the same features and functions.

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