How to Get Free In-App Purchases for iOS 9 and above

The app store contains thousands, maybe even more applications as well as games which are available for the different iOS devices. Apps are usually built with a number of in-app purchases in them which allow you more access or help you rise higher in a game. The truth of the matter is that most of these in-app purchases require you to make a purchase and spend money on the app or the game. While there is no decrease in Apple’s steady income through in-app purchases, I know we still have a few users who would like to get free in-app purchases. If you own a jailbroken iOS 9 device then the Cydia Store has a few solutions available on the store that can get you free in-app purchases.

iAPFree iOS 9.3.2

This Cydia tweak helps you get many games and apps for free which are otherwise paid on the actual iStore. It also allows you to get free in-app purchases. On your jailbroken device, open the Cydia app store application and go to the ‘Sources’ tab. Now choose ‘Add Source’ and type . Once this source has been added to the Store, you can search for iAPFree in the source and proceed to install it. Once done, you must enable the core plugin feature from the settings and restart your device to use iAPFree and you will not have to pay for in-app purchases.

iAP Cracker

This is a popular Cydia tweak used by many users who wish to test the in-app purchases before they actually buy it. Like iAPFree, you must jailbreak your device and access the Cydia store and then add the repo source to the Cydia directory like in the steps I mentioned above. Once this is done, you can search for iAP Cracker on Cydia with the help of the search feature and install the tweak. Restart your phone to get started with free in-app purchases.

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For iAP Cracker to work successfully, you must have AppSync plugin on your iOS device. To verify whether you have it or not, open Cydia and search the installed packages on your installer. If the plugin is unavailable then make sure that you install the AppSync plugin so that iAPCrcker works effectively.

iAP Cracker


iAPCrazy is also a helpful tweak to get free in-app purchases. Like iAP Cracker, it also works with the AppSync Plugin so make sure the plugin is installed in your phone and it is updated to the right firmware version. iAPCrazy can be installed via the Cydia Store on your jailbroken device after you have added the HackYouriPhone repository to the Cydia Store. I have already mentioned how to achieve this. Once the tweak is installed successfully on your device, restart it and you should be able to begin in-app purchases for free. The only downside to iAPCrazy is that it may not work with a few popular games like Clash of Titans and Candy Crush.


LocaliAPStore iOS 9.3.2

To use LocaliAPStore, you must first of all have a jailbroken iOS device. Secondly, you must have the Cydia Store available on the device which is common in jailbroken devices. Next, you should install AppSync plugin to make sure that LocaliAPStore works on your device. The HackYouriPhone repo has the latest version of LocaliAPStore tweak available, so add it to your source list before you proceed to searching for the tweak. Install LocaliAPStore once you have searched for it and then restart your phone. You can configure LocaliAPStore from the settings menu. It supports many games and applications that have in-app purchases so you can test paid in-app purchases or enjoy in-app purchases at no cost.

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All these tweaks need a jailbroken phone and Cydia so that you can get free in-app purchases for your iOS 9 device. While these tweaks can open a lot of opportunities for those who love to try in-app purchases, you must ensure that your phone fulfills all the requirements for the tweak so that the tweak works effectively. Also, make sure that you try them out so that you restart your phone after installing these tweaks so that the tweak works on the phone.

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