11 Top Cydia Sources, the Ultimate Selection (with Download Links)

Apple’s proprietary operating system, iOS is a superb platform to use, but for those who like to extend the abilities of their iOS device so that they can enjoy beyond the usual iOS platform can jailbreak their device to explore further options. Cydia is one of those third party platforms that has gained popularity among jailbroken iOS devices. While some people look forward to jail breaking their device to explore new abilities, very often after the jailbreak is complete, they are not sure of the possibilities of their device. A good place to begin is adding sources to the Cydia store. I have curated a list of the top 11 Cydia sources along with their links to help you get started on exploring your device.

Here comes the list of Top Cydia Sources
SiNful iPhone

It is a growing community of users which has a lot of Cydia tweaks available. You can get support from the forums and even the users will be able to help if you need support. It has a lot of good quality Cydia apps available for you. In order to add SiNful iPhone repo to your device, you can use the link http://sinfuliphonerepo.com and add it to the list of  Cydia sources.


This famous jailbreak app source is considered to be a high profile repo and it helps you download and install all paid apps for free.  If you have jailbroken your device so that you do not have to pay for apps on the iStore then this can be a great source for you. Add it to your repository by using the link http://cydia.hackulo.us and explore all paid apps without paying anything.



If you are an iOS user who enjoys playing emulated games, then this is just the source for you. xSellize concentrates on just the group of users who love emulated games. It provides emulators and ROMs for NES, Game Boy as well as Nintendo 64. You can add this repo with the help of this link: http://cydia.xcellize.com .


Fans who love themes on their iOS devices will want to add the ZodTTD repo to their device. This source provides a number of themes for users at no cost. Theme developers use this source to host their themes. Download ZodTTD if you love to try out new themes and add some character to your iOS device. The link to add it to your repository is http://cydia.zodttd.com.


This source helps you customize your iOS device. If you are interested in adding some customized features to your iOS device, then you will find many ways to do so after you add this source. It also has a lot of cracked apps available on it but the main thing about it, is its ability to help you customize your phone. The link to add this source is http://repo.insanelyi.com.


If you are looking for multimedia content to customize your iOS device, then you may find PwnCenter to be a great place for it. You will have access to a huge number of ringtones at no cost with the help of this source. It can be added to Cydia with the link http://apt.pwncenter.com.




iHacks is like a one stop shop for jailbroken devices. It has everything that you may need for your iOS device. From themes to ringtones to games and layouts. You can get everything on iHacks. If you would like to add it to your repository then use the link, http://ihacksrepo.com .


Another good source to have on your list of Cydia sources is LinkStore. It helps you install cracked apps and access lots of paid iOS apps for free. This source basically helps you skip the payment page in the AppStore so that you can enjoy the paid apps at no cost. The link is http://repo.hackyouriphone.org .


This source has become popular because it has many cracked apps. It covers a lot of apps and gives you many options to enjoy your jailbroken device. The link is http://repo.biteyourapple.net.


This source does not give you access to cracked apps, but it has a powerful plugin which you need for cracked apps to work. AppAddict helps you install AppSync to your device. Since AppSync is required for signing all the cracked apps, you will need AppSync to ensure all the apps are working properly. Use the link http://appaddict.org/repo .



The iHackStore is also an all-in-one solution for your iOS device. It has everything from themes, games, layouts and cracked apps. Use the link http://ihackstore.com/repo to enjoy using your device.

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