Download Cydia iOS 7

While iOS 8 may already be here, there are still 40% of total iOS users who do not use it yet and most of them actually turn out to be using iOS 7, which is one of the main reasons why more information should be given on topics such as how to get the iOS 7 jailbreak, together with how to get Cydia in as well. Together with this, it is also thought to be important to have some knowledge on the current cydia apps for iOS 7 and which ones can turn out to be great.

Download Cydia for iOS 7

The truth is that there will probably be no need for an iDevice to be jailbroken if it was not for Cydia and the amazing features that it offers to people from all around the world. The app is basically an online store for all things jailbreak that users can download a lot of content from, in order to improve their devices and customize them from all the points of view.

Cydia Apps for iOS 7

After the iOS 7 jailbreak was released quite a long time ago, many Cydia developers from all around the world made sure that their tweaks are up to standard and will easily run on the iOS 7 jailbreak. With this in mind, a great place to take a look at some of the best cydia apps for iOS 7 now, would be over on the jailbreak subreddit. Additionally, we also have a page that outlines the best Cydia apps and tweaks, so it would be also wise to keep an eye there.

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In order to make sure that you get access to the latest jailbreak tweaks and app, the Allcydia team has spent quite a lot of time looking over on Cydia, but also on the Internet on a daily basis as an effort to come up with a couple of recommendations of the best Cydia Apps available on the market at this moment.