Download Cydia iOS 7

Download Cydia for iOS 7

The time has come for jailbreakers to rejoice. The iOS 7 jailbreak has finally arrived. As any normal jailbreak enthusiast you will be looking to add iOS 7 ready cydia apps. Well the first thing you should be looking to is download cydia on the iOS 7 jailbreak. As of right now this is easier said than done. Saurik is working hard to bring you cydia iOS 7. But with great things comes time. If patience was an app, all iOS 7 jail breakers should download it. But we are making progress and Cydia iOS 7 is coming. As with prior versions of the cydia download, be sure to always get your cydia download from a trusted source.

Cydia Apps for iOS 7

Even without the official release of the Cydia app for iOS 7 there are still some cydia apps that are ready to go. Allcydia is a big follower of the reddit jailbreak subreddit. I encourage all of you that have a passion for anything related to cydia apps or jailbreaking to keep a close eye on that subreddit. Moving on there are more and more cydia apps for iOS 7 coming by the day. Please keep an eye on our page about Cydia apps ready for the iOS 7 jailbreak. After you complete your cydia download you should take a look around with a simple google search on cydia tweaks and cydia apps.

Download Cydia for iOS 7

So you have done the iOS 7 jailbreak and you are ready for your cydia download. Congratulations, you have made it further than 85% of people who try to jailbreak their devices. Downloading cydia apps for iOS 7 is where the actual fun begins. The freedom you gain from the jailbreak is amazing. Want to tether you phone for your laptop? There is a cydia app that can do that. Want to speed up animations in iOS 7 to make iOS 7 run faster by leaps and bounds? There is a cydia app built to do that. Basically what we are saying is when you made the decision to jailbreak and download cydia for iOS 7, you made a choice towards the freedom to customize your device.

Thank you for being a part of Cydia for iOS 7 is a website made to help the end user find the best cydia apps for iOS 7, we also wanted to help users when they are looking for a trusted source for a cydia download. We search the web every day to try and bring all cydia users the best information on what cydia apps for iOS 7 are essential for the best user experience. We love to hear from all of you and hope if you find a cydia app or tweak that is worthy of a review, you will share it with us so we can make the jailbreak community a better place.

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