App Store Redirects Disrupting Cydia User Experience

Cydia is a wonderful platform where developers and iOS users can exchange new tweaks – or even sell them – and do wonders with iOS. However, Cydia is not without its own faults. The repositories that host iOS and jailbreak tweaks are now flooded with app store redirects. Recently, it has been more and more annoying.

App store redirects aren’t really annoying if they happen once every now and then (or at least once every time we want to install a new tweak or jailbreak app.). The problem is, the current state of Cydia forces users to deal with five – sometimes more – app store redirect popups.

Even worse, the problem is apparent with BigBoss repo. If the problem occurs on other repositories, users can simply remove that repositories altogether. Since it happes with BigBoss repo, there is no workaround to use.

The app store redirects need to be fixed immediately. It disrupts user experience and make Cydia less and less fun to explore. This will hurt not only the developers who are selling their tweaks and apps on Cydia, but also Cydia itself.

I support the use of ads. I understand that as a platform, Cydia needs to finance itself and make money. That said, the overall user experience this amazing platform provides need to be updated. I have a feeling that a fix is just around the corner, especially since I am not the only one complaining about this. Saurik and other developers are facing similar issues and are thinking about ways to improve the experience.

Based on everything that has been outlined, what do you personally think about the current situation and the App Store redirect? Do you think that there is any room left for improvement? If yes, will it come soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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