Get rid of limitations in iTunes Radio with True iRadio

One of my favorite features of the Music app is iTunes Radio, which allows users to seamlessly stream music from different radio stations. However, it comes with various restrictions such as the maximum number of skips per station, ads and more. True iRadio is a cydia app that allows you to get rid of such restrictions.

It allows users to scrub through songs from the Lock screen, Control Center as well as the stock Music app. Scrubbing means that you’ll have the ability to move to any specific point of a song and listen to it, which you can’t normally do in iTunes Radio.

Other than this, the cydia app also allows you to get rid of ads as well as skip as many songs as you wish. Normally, Apple allows users to skip 6 songs every hour per station. With this cydia app, you can skip unlimited times. It also allows you to dynamically scrub through songs which means that you can move to a specific point of a song more accurately.

Lastly, True iRadio aims to improve the loading times of the tracks, although I wasn’t able to test to see if it really improves it or not. After you install True iRadio, there are zero configurations to make. It’s just an install and go affair.

If you’re tired of the annoying restrictions in iTunes Radio, you should definitely give this cydia app a try. It is available for free in Cydia and supports iOS 7 devices.

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