Cydia Apps for iOS 7 Jailbreak

Cydia apps ready for ios 7 jailbreak

With the release of the iOS 7 jailbreak comes the task of finding Cydia apps that are ready for the iOS 7 Jailbreak. Due to the uncertain time frame that came along with the iOS 7 jailbreak many developers of cydia apps were not fully updated for the release. has compiled a list of Cydia Apps for the iOS 7 jailbreak that are ready to go. We will be updating this list as more cydia apps become available for the iOS 7 jailbreak. Be sure to check out for the best Cydia Apps for iOS 7.

Cydia Apps Ready for the iOS 7 jailbreak:

  • Activatior (Gestures App)
  • MyWi (wifi and tethering)
  • 5 icon dock
  • ikeywi (5th row of keys to keyboard
  • SwipeSelection (Text Editing)
  • WelcomeMe (Weclome Message on Reboot)
  • OverAchiever (Game Center)
  • Plugication (Music)
  • Software Update Killer
  • Shake ToUndo Killer
  • NoStoreButton
  • NoPasscodeBlock
  • FakeClockUp
  • Privacy
  • Accelerate
  • TetherMe
  • GridLock
  • LocationFaker
  • iFile
  • iPhone4Parallax
  • Flipswitch
  • KillBackground7
  • Movie Box
  • Music Box
  • MyFile
  • Poof
  • Signal 2
  • Signal Booster (Still buggy)
  • icleaner
  • ShowCase
  • NoCarrier
  • No Percent Sign
  • Safari Resetter
  • Hidden Settings 7
  • HarlemShake7
  • ResetAllKiller
  • Software Update Killer
  • Shake ToUndo Killer
  • No Passcode Block
  • NoStoreButton
  • FirewalliP
  • XMBC app
  • Zeppelin
  • BlurredmusicApp

List of Cydia Repos ready for iOS 7 Jailbreak

This list is not in any particular order.

Thanks to /u/hizinfiz/ [21] for these:

We are watching the stores and downloading apps to give you the most up to date list of Cydia apps ready for the iOS 7 jailbreak. A big thanks to Reddit for helping us keep this list updated!

2×2 Folder Icons Yes 1.0-2 No
360 Vault Yes 1.1.0-1 No
3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 & 6) Yes 5.7.1-1 Yes
5 Row Custom iPad Keyboard Yes 1.1-1 Yes
5 Row Customizable Keyboard for iPhone Yes 1.1-1 Yes
7Folder Relayout Yes 0.1-3 Yes
Accelerate Yes 2.0-1 No
Accentify Yes 0.0.1r12-2 No
Action Menu Yes 1.2.14 Yes
Action Menu Plus Pack Yes 1.2.13 Yes
Activator Yes 1.8.3 Yes
AdBlocker Yes 1.56 Yes
afc2add Yes 1.01 Yes
AirBlue Sharing Yes 1.3.5 Yes
AirBlue Stack Yes 1.5.0 Yes
akLocationX Yes 1.1.2-2 Yes
AllMail Yes 1.5-2 Yes
AndroidLock XT Yes 3.1 Untested
AnimateAll Yes 1.7.1-2 Yes
AnyRing Yes 6.32 Untested
App Language Switcher Yes 1.1-1 Yes
Applocker Yes 2.2.4 Yes
AskToCall Yes 1.1-14 Yes
AskToSend Yes 1.2-8 Yes
Assistant Unrestrictor Yes 1.0 Yes
Axle No 1.0-1 No
Background Manager Yes 0.9-26 Yes
BackupIt Yes 2.2 Untested
Badge Customizer Partial 1.3.1-21 Works as it should except the preview feature does not work. Partial
Barrel Yes Yes
BatteryPeek Yes 0.3.1 Yes
BatterySafe Yes 1.0-2 No
BetrFoldr Yes 1.0-1 No
Bigify Yes 1.5.3 Yes
Bigify+ Yes 2.7.7 Untested
BioLockdown Yes 1.0.1 Yes
BioProtect Yes 0.1-460 Yes
BitCoin for Notification Center No 3.5 Doesn’t show up in Settings. No
biteSMS Partial 8.0 beta 5 Beta required Untested
Bloard Yes 0.0.1-11 Yes
Blue & Gray Yes 1.0.0 Untested
BlurBar Yes 1.1-1 Yes
BlurredMusicApp Yes 41275 Yes
Bolt Partial 0.6 Battery percentage sign works but the lighning icon does not. No
Browser Changer Yes 1.14-1 Yes
Burst mode Yes 1.1-7 Yes
BytaFont 2 Yes 2.0.1 Yes
Caffeine 2 Yes 2.1 Yes
Call on GV Pro Yes 2.0-2 Yes
CallBar Yes 2.3-392 Yes
CallerID Greece Yes 0.7-5 Yes
CamRotate Yes 1.1-4 Yes
CamVolZoom Yes 1.1-1 Yes
CamZoomNoReset Yes 1.0-3 Yes
Capture View Yes 1.1-2 Yes
CC Deseparator Yes 1.0.2 Yes
CCClockOpenToAlarm Yes 1.0-1 Yes
CCControls Yes Yes
CCHide Yes 1.0-2 Yes
CCNowPlaying Yes 0.1-2 Yes
CCQuick Yes 1.0-3 Yes
CCSettings Yes 0.0.3-2 Yes
CCToggles Yes 0.1-3 Yes
ChinaMGT Yes 2.6 Untested
Chinese Calendar for Notification Center Yes 1.1.2-2 Yes
Chinese Calendar Pro for Notification Center Yes 1.4.1-2 Yes
CleanStatus No No
ClearFolder Yes 1.0 Yes
ClearOnOpen Yes 2.0.1-4 Yes
Cleary Yes 1.1.1-1 Yes
CleverPin Yes 1.8-3 Yes
Cloaky Yes 1.1-1 Untested
Color Keyboard No 1.3.0-1 No Effect. No
ConfirmKill Yes 1.0-9 Yes
ControlTask Yes 1.1.1-1 Yes
Core Utilities Yes 8.12-12p Yes
CrazyCall Yes 5.0 Untested
customLS Yes 1.2-1 Yes
CyDelete7 Yes 0.7-13 Yes
Cydia Yes 1.1.9 Yes
Cydia Substrate Yes 0.9.5000 Previously Mobile Substrate. Yes
Cylay Yes 5.4.1 Untested
Cyntact No 1.4.2-1 Makes contacts invisible and does not function. No
Darwin CC Tools Yes 839.0 Fully supports iOS 7. Note: It runs on arm64, but can’t target arm64. Partial
DataMonitor Yes 2.3 Untested
DateCarrier Yes 2.0.1 Yes
Destify Yes 1.1-1 Yes
Dimmer No 1.6.1-4 No
Disable Parallax Effect Yes 1.1-2 Yes
DismissMyKeyboard Yes 1.1-1 Yes
DisplayRecorder Yes 1.3.8 Yes
DockShift Partial 1.0-4 Does not work on iPhone 4, works on all other devices. Yes
Double At No 1.0 Causes safe mode when typing “@@”. No
Dreher App Yes 1.5.2-1 Untested
Emphasize Yes 0.1 No
Erica Utilities Yes 0.4.2 Yes
Exchange Unlock iOS7 Yes 1.0 Yes
ExchangePolicyCleaner Yes 1.1-1 Yes
f.lux Yes 1.0 Yes
f.ux Flipswitch Yes 0.0.4-2 Untested
FaceDetectionDuringVideo Yes 1.1-11 Yes
Fake GPS Yes 1.2.7 Yes
Fake GPS Lite Yes 1.2.7 Yes
Fake GPS Pro Yes 1.2.7-1 Untested
FakeCarrier Yes 1.5 Yes
Fast Forward Yes 1.4 Untested
Fav Yes 1.1-1 Yes
FB Unlimited Chat Heads Yes 0.0.2-4 Yes
Find My Friends Location Spoofer Yes 1.1.3-1 Yes
Find My iPhone China Corrector Yes 0.3.2-1 Yes
Five Icon Dock Partial 0.9.3381-1 Icons overlap but works otherwise. No
Five-Column SpringBoard Partial 1.1.2 Icons overlap but works otherwise. No
FlagPaint No 1.1.1-1 Safe mode when tapping “test banner” and no effect on normal banners. No
Flashorama Yes 1.4-7 Yes
Flat Notes Yes 1.0-10 Yes
FlipLaunch Yes 1.0.1-1 Yes
Flipswitch Yes 1.0.2 Yes
FolderCloser Yes 1.1 No
Front HDR Yes 1.2-4 No
FrontFlash Yes 1.3-4 Yes
FullForce for Phone Yes 1.1.2 Yes
FullScroll Yes 1.1.3 Yes
GlowDock Yes 1.1-1 Yes
GmailSender Yes 1.0-6 Yes
Googiri Yes 2.0.0-1 Yes
GroupRinger Yes 1.7 Untested
GroupRinger Lite Yes 1.7 Untested
GroupSend Yes 1.7.1 Untested
GrowlNotifier Yes 1.1 Yes
HapticPro Yes 1.2.8 Yes
HiddenSettings7 Yes 0.1-6 Yes
HomescreenDesigner Yes 1.0.5 Untested
Hong Kong Carrier Logos Yes 2.4 Untested
IB Graphics Selector Yes 1.0-2 Yes
iBatteryInfo Yes 2.1 Yes
iBlank Yes 4.3 Untested
iBlank for iOS 7 Yes 5.0 Untested
iCaughtU Yes 2.3.2-1 Yes
iCaughtU Pro Yes 2.6.7-2 Yes
Icon Renamer Yes 1.2.1 Yes
Icon Tool Yes 1.4-4 Yes
IconBounce Yes 2.0.1-1 Yes
Iconoclasm Yes 1.9.1 Yes
IconSupport Yes 1.9.0-2 Partial
iFBA – Multi-Arcade Emulator Yes 1.0 Untested
iFile Yes 2.0.1-1 Yes
iGotYa Yes 2.1 Yes
iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPad/iPhone/iPod Yes 3.6.0-3 Yes
iKeywi Yes 1.4.4-5 Yes
iMeasure Yes 1.2 Untested
Infiniboard Yes 2.1.2-1 Yes
Infinidock Yes 2.1.2-1 Yes
Infinifolders Yes 2.1.2-1 Yes
InfinityTask Yes 1.5.1-1 Yes
InfoStats Yes 1.1 No
IntelliID Yes 1.40 Yes
iTunes Radio Unlimited Yes 1.1.0 Yes
iWhiteboard Yes 1.8 Yes
Jailbreaking 101 Yes 7.0.3 Untested
KillBackground No 1.3.1-7 Safe mode. No
knowy0urCallActive Yes 1.2-1 Yes
LandscapeVideos Yes 1.1.2 Yes
LastApp Yes 1:1.2.0-1 Yes
LD64 Yes 136.0 Fully supports iOS 7. Note: It runs on arm64, but can’t target arm64. Partial
libpush Yes 2.0 Yes
libstatusbar Yes Yes
LinkOpener No 1.2.2-1 No Effect. The “Opener” preference shows black without anything visible. No
Live Battery Indicator No 2.7-1 No
LLBPano Yes 1.1-2 Yes
LLVM + Clang Yes 3.3 Fully supports iOS 7. Note: It runs on arm64, but can’t target arm64. Partial
LocationFaker Yes 1.5 Untested
Lock Screen Tool Yes 1.4.3 Yes
Lockdown Lite Yes 1.1.1 No
Lockdown Pro iOS 7 Yes 1.0 Untested
LockInfo 5 No 5.3.0-1 No
Lunar Calendar for Notification Center Yes 1.5-3 Untested
Lyco Yes 1.0 No
Lyricalizer Yes 1.3.3-1 Yes
Mail More Photos Yes 1.6 Untested
MapsAllCountries Yes 1.0.0 No
Menu Button Emulator Yes 1.6-1 Yes
Messages Customiser Yes 1.0 Yes
MessageShower Yes 2.1 Yes
MiniPlayer Yes 3.0 Yes
MobileTerminal Yes 520-2 Yes
MojiPhoto Yes 0.1.0 Yes
MongolKeyboard for iPhone Yes 1.3-1 Yes
Monobar No 1.0.1-1 No Effect. No
Motion Yes 1.6.2 Untested
MuFunNC Yes 2.6.96 Untested
MultiIconMover Yes 1:1.1.0-1 Yes
Multitasking Gestures Switch Yes 1.1 Yes
MusicalSwitcher Yes 1.0.1-2 Yes
MusicGestures Yes 1.4-1 No
MuteIcon Yes 1.4.0-1 Yes
My3G Yes 7.0.2 Yes
MyAssistive Yes 1.6-1 Yes
MyName Yes 1.0 No
MyWi 7 Yes 7.02.01 Untested
Navigate From Maps Yes 3.0 Yes
NCAllOnly Yes 2.2-1 Yes
NCSettings No 1.7.1 Does not show in NC + crashes settings app when tapping tweak. No
NetworkList Yes 0.3 Yes
NewTabSearch Yes 0.0.1-3 Yes
NextGenUI Yes 4.2.8 Yes
Nitrous Yes 2.2-11 Untested
No Alerts Private Browsing Yes 1.0-1 Yes
No Icon Badges Yes 1.0.1-1 No
No Lockscreen Camera Yes 1.4-2 No
No Page Bounce Yes 2.0 Yes
No Page Dots Yes 1.0-1 No
No Passcode Block Yes 1.2-1 No
No Percent Sign Yes 1.5-1 Yes
No Skype Preview Yes 1.1.3-1 Yes
NoCameraGrabber No 1.0.1 No Effect. No
NoChineseSNS Yes 1.3 Yes
NoDictation Yes 1.0.1-1 Yes
NoNewMark Yes 0.0.1-5 No
NoNewsIsGoodNews Yes 1.0.1 Yes
NoPowerDown Yes 1.0.1-1 No
NoSlowAnimations Yes 1.1 Yes
NoSpot iOS 7 Yes 2.0 Yes
NoStoreButton Yes 1.0 No
NoUninstall Yes 0.1-9 Yes
NoVibratedWakeup No 0.1 No effect, alarms still vibrate. No
NoVibratedWakeup Yes 0.2 Yes
NowListening Yes 1.9.3-1 Yes
NowNow Yes 1.2 Yes
OmniStat for Notification Center No 1.3.2 No effect, does not show up in preferences or notification center. No
OneByOne Contacts Yes 2.1 Yes
OnlyOneNotification Yes 0.0.1-27 Yes
Open Yes 1.1.1-1 Untested
Open In App For Photos Yes 1.1-1 Yes
Open in YouMail Yes 1.0-1 Yes
OpenSSH Yes 6.1p1-11 Yes
OpenSSL Yes 0.9.8y-10 Yes
OSLite7 Yes 1.0.0 Yes
Overachiever Yes 1.0.6-1 Yes
OverBoard Yes 1.3.5 Untested
OwnSpy Yes Yes
PadClock Yes 0.0.1-326 Yes
PandoraSkips Yes 0.0.4-1 Yes
Parallax enaBlur Yes 0.1-2 Yes
PassIt Yes 1.1.1 Yes
PasswordPilot No 1.2-1 No Effect. No
Percentage Yes 1.0 Yes
Phantom Yes 2.6.1-1 No
Phantom Yes 2.6.1-6 No
Photo Blackground Yes 1.0-8 Yes
PhotosEnhancer Pro 2 Yes 2.4 Yes
PhotoTorch Yes 1.3-2 Yes
PictureFrameCenter No 3.0.2-1 Doesn’t show up in Settings. No
PkgBackup Yes 5.4.1 Untested

Plugication Yes 1.1-3 No
Poof Partial 5.0 Causes safe mode when apps are hidden and app closes. Respring to fix. No
PowerDown Enhancer Yes 1.1-1 Yes
PowerSoundDisabler Yes 1.1.1-6 Yes
PPPOE Yes 1.5.0 Untested
Prayer Time in NC Today Yes 3.3-1 Untested
PreferenceLoader Yes 2.2.2 Yes
PrivaCy Yes 0.9.3108-1 No
Private Space Yes 1.2-1 No
ProTube Yes 1.9.5 Yes
ProTube Extension for YouTube Yes 2.2.3 Yes
ProTube HD Yes 1.6.5 Yes
ProxyManager Yes 1.0-6 Yes
Purge Yes 1.1 Yes
Push for Gmail Yes 1.5 Untested
QuickEmoji Yes 1.2.3 Untested
QuickShoot Pro 2 Yes 2.0-1 Untested
QuickWarning Yes 0.0.1-30 Yes
Railway Yes 1.1.0-5 Untested
Readr Yes 1.4 Yes
Record ‘n’ Torch Yes 1.4-4 Yes
RecordMyScreen (App) No 1.1-4 Obsolete. Only records in the app itself. No
RecordMyScreen (Tweak) Yes 3.1-4 Yes
Reeder2Enhancer Yes 1.3-2 Yes
Remove Badges Yes 1.2-1 Yes
Remove Recents Yes 1.3.3 Yes
ResetAllKiller Yes 1.0.0-3 No
Revelation Yes 1.2-3 Untested
Rich Text For Mail Yes 1.2.6 Untested
Ringdom Yes 1.0-1 Untested
RocketBootstrap Yes 1.0 Untested
roqyBT4 Yes 1.5.1-1 Untested
Rotation Lock Flipswitch Yes 1.0-1 Untested
RushPlayer+ Yes 1.7.0-1 Untested
Safari Resetter Yes 2.1 No
Samba Yes 0.1-6 Untested
SBInfoGrabber iOS 7 Yes 1.0.2 Yes
SBPowerAlert Yes 2.0-2 Yes
SBRotator 7 Yes 7.0-3 Yes
SBSettings No 6.0.5-1 Crashes and Notification Center option does not work. No
sbutils Partial 1.0.2-1 Some tools are broken. sbdevice gives the wrong UDID. No
ScreenDimmer Yes 1.82 Yes
Screenshot Dam Yes 1.2-3 Yes
SearchAmplius Yes 1.1 Untested
SearchLoader Yes 2.1 Yes
Secretary Yes 1.3.0-4 Yes
ShadowSocks Yes 0.2.5-3 Untested
ShakeToUndo Killer Yes 1.00 No
Share Widget for iOS 7 Yes 1.0-1 Untested
ShowCase Yes Yes
Sicarius Yes 1.0.1 Yes
SideSettings Yes 1.1 Untested
Signal 2 Yes 2.0.10-1 Untested
Signal Booster Partial 1.2-1 Works fine but crashes on first launch. No
SimpleWiFi for NotificationCenter No 1.1.2 No effect. No
Simplock Yes 1.0-1 Yes
SiriNoConfirm Yes 1.0-2 Yes
SleepFX Yes 2.0.2 Yes
Slide2Kill 7 Yes 1.0.1-1 Yes
SMS on GV 7 Yes 2.0-2 Yes
SMSNinja Yes 1.5 Yes
SnoozeOrStop Partial 0.4 Works except the “Add stop button” option has no effect. No
Software Update Killer Yes 1.0.2 No
Space+ Yes 1.1-4 Untested
SPOOF Yes 4.0 Untested
Spoof CallerID and Voice changer Yes 2.0 Untested
Springtomize 2 No 1.4.5-1 No Effect. No
StatusModifier Yes 1.0 Yes
Still Capture Enabler 2 Yes 1.8-5 Yes
Substrate Safe Mode Partial 0.9.3999.6 Doesn’t say “Exit Safe Mode.” No
SwipeNav Yes 0.6-6 Yes
SwipeSelection Yes 1.4.1-1 Yes
SwipeShiftCaret Yes 1.6.1-1 Yes
SwipeToRespring Yes 1.1-3 No
Swipey Yes 1.0.2 Yes
SwitchSpring Yes 1.0 Yes
TabLess Yes 1.0-2 No
TapTapFolder Yes 0.3 Yes
TapTodaysCalendar Yes 1.1.0 Yes
TetherMe Yes 3.0-3 Yes
ThumbsUp Partial 1.1-27 Buttons don’t show on lock screen, but the Activator actions work. Untested
ToneEnabler Yes 0.0.1-27 Yes
TransparentCameraBar Yes 1.4-3 Yes
TransparentDock Yes 1.1-1 Yes
TransparentVolume Yes 0.0.2-1 Yes
TryGpsOut5 for iOS 5/6/7 Yes 3.6 Untested
tsProtector P Yes 3.3.12-1 Yes
TVLocker Pro Yes 1.4.1-1 Yes
TweetAmplius Yes 2.0 Yes
Tweetbot API Yes 0.6.1 Yes
TypeStatus Partial 1.1-1 Works, but all text is shown in white. No
TypingPrivacy Yes 1.1-1 Untested
UIKit Tools Yes 1.1.8 Yes
Underachiever Yes 1.0.7-1 Yes
UnlimTones Yes 4.7-65 No
Unrestricted Folders Naming Yes 1.0-3 Yes
UpsideDown Yes 1.0-1 Yes
Userscripts Loader Yes 1.3-1 Yes
Video Zoom Mod Yes 1.0-1 Yes
VideoPace Yes 1.0.1 Yes
VideoPane Yes 1.1.1 Yes
VineDownloader Yes 0.0.4-27 Yes
Virtual Home Yes 1.0-1 Yes
VoiceChange Yes 5.1 No
VoiceChanger Yes 0.3-1 Yes
VoicemailRemoveriOS7 Yes 0.1-16 Yes
Volume Amplifier Yes 1.0.8 Yes
VolumeCustomize Yes 1.1.1-1 No
Wake With Weather Yes 3.0.0-1 Yes
WelcomeMe Yes 1.1.0 No
WhatsAtor Yes 1.4 No
WhoIsCalling Yes 1.93 No
WiFi Booster Yes 2.0 Yes
WiFi Passwords Yes 2.0.1 Yes
WinterBoard Partial 0.9.3911 Works as it should but causes spotlight to crash if text entered. No
WiPi Yes 1.3-2 Yes
xCon No 38 Crashes on launching apps. No
YouTubed Yes 1.1-1 No
Zephyr No 1.6.4-1 Crash to Safe Mode. No
Zeppelin Yes 2.0.1-151 Yes