#PlayMe2 allows you to view the details of the now playing song from the Status Bar

The Status Bar is one of the most important features of iOS that allows you take a quick peek at various information such as time, cellular signal, WiFi signal, battery level and much more from anywhere. #PlayMe2 is one of many cydia apps takes your Status Bar a little further and makes it more useful.

With this cydia tweak, you can quickly find out additional details about a playing song directly from the Status Bar. It keeps on transitioning between the song and the artist name of the currently playing song as well as the time.

This can be quite useful if you don’t want to launch Control Center or the stock Music app while in another app just to view the details of a song. The best thing about this cydia tweak is that it supports third-party apps as well along with the stock Music app such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and much more.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed #PlayMe2, there are zero configurations to make. Simply start playing a song on your device and you’ll view its title and artist name on the Status Bar. The only drawback of this cydia tweak is that if the song or artist name is too long, the other elements of the Status Bar such as the cellular signal gets hidden. But, it’s not a big deal.

It’s an interesting cydia tweak and works smoothly without any issues. If you want to give #PlayMe2 a try, you can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free.

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