RePower adds new options to the Sleep/Wake button

By default, when you hold the Sleep/Wake button of your iPhone, you’ll be displayed with a “slide to power off” slider allowing you to switch off your device. RePower is a cydia app that displays additional new options when you press the Sleep button.

With RePower, when you hold down the Sleep button, you’ll be shown two new options in addition to the default power off button. These new buttons include a “slide to reboot” button that reboots your device and a “slide to safemode” button that takes your device into safemode. You’ll also find a “Cancel” button below all the other new buttons.

Personally, I’ve found the safemode button quite useful in situations when a tweak is creating issues and effecting the performace of my device. When you’re in safemode, all the jailbreak tweaks that you’ve installed will be disabled and you can easily launch Cydia and get rid of tweaks that are having a negative impact on the performance of your device.

Once you install RePower, you can navigate to its preferences pane from the stock Settings app in order to configure it. From there, you can enable or disable the Safemode slider. If you disable the Safemode slider, a new button will replace it that allows you to respring your device.

You can also enable or disable the old layout, which displays a box with an uptime label (time since last charge) along with respring and reboot buttons.

RePower is quite a useful cydia app and something that you should definitely try out in order to quickly reboot, respring or take your device into safemode. As you’d expect, RePower is available for free on Cydia and is compatible with iOS 7 devices.

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