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Appcake Repo Installation, Best Alternative to Installous

While there are a lot of alternative to Installous out there which look good, one of the best that we have right now is the Appcake Repo. Appcake was a popular alternative even in 2012 when Installous had stopped working back then. Installous was one of the best .ipa installers we had. When it went dark, a lot of people began looking for alternatives to replace it.

The iOS jailbreak community loves this Appcake repo because of its massive library and immense support and the community forums.

The popularity of the Appcake has been growing ever since, and if you are new to the jailbreak community then you may want to find out how to download it `from Cydia to your iOS device. Read More...

AppAddict - Steps To Install And Try It For Free

AppAddict is a fairly new and is being considered as one of the most recent Installous alternatives. While it may not be as old as the other .ipa installers, it has created an unshakeable fan following of its own in the jailbreak community. There are a lot of people who have started liking AppAddict and find it to be a great place to look for free apps.


Needless to say, AppAddict requires a jailbroken iOS device. If you already own a jailbroken device then you will be able to proceed quickly, but if you do not then jailbreak it first. Read More...

Delete Cydia apps directly from your Settings app with PrefDelete


One thing that I truly dislike about Jailbreaking is the fact that all of the Cydia apps and tweaks that have been installed can only be deleted from Cydia- not from the home screen or anywhere else which makes it an annoying experience that also happens to be time consuming from all the points of view.

However, thanks to a new Cydia app which is also known by the name of PrefDelete, people from all around the world will actually be able to delete Cydia apps faster directly from the stock Settings app which represents a great feature. Read More...

The iOS 8 jailbreak is here!

It’s finally here! After a couple of speculations in the past together with different stories regarding which developer will release the iOS 8 jailbreak for iOS 8- iOS 8.1, it seems like Pangu was finally able to get things done well.

Just a few hours ago, the team announced that the jailbreak also works on all of the devices that support iOS 8, so that includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 which is simply great news. However, there’s still another side to this story. While Pangu may have managed to release the jailbreak itself, it is more for developers rather than consumers, as there would be no actual way for consumers to enjoy the jailbreak in the case that they had no apps to install. Read More...

TubeDo is a download manager tweak for YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing site containing almost any video you’re looking for. There’s also an official app of YouTube on the app store designed for iOS devices with additional features. However, one of the major features that it lacks is that you can’t download videos directly from the app. This is where TubeDo tweak comes in to save the day.

TubeDo is a download manager as well as a video player app for YouTube that allows you to search and watch YouTube videos and download any of your favorite videos right to your iOS device to watch it later. Read More...

CCSliders brings various new sliders to Control Center

Control Center has been the center of focus by many jailbreak developers in the past and this is why you’ll find many tweaks on Cydia dedicated to Control Center. CCSliders is yet another jailbreak tweak that brings various new sliders to Control Center to speed up the process of adjusting various elements in iOS.

The CCSliders cydia tweak adds three new sliders to Control Center along with the brightness slider which can be switched to by tapping the icons to the left and right of it. This means that you can tap the icon to the right of the brightness slider to go to the next slider or you can tap the left icon to navigate to the previous slider. Read More...

Get more functionality over the music app with BookSong

Cydia is full of cydia apps that are designed in such a way to greatly improve the life of any user with a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod. Today, we’ll talk about an easy, but interesting Cydia app known by the name of BookSong.

While its purpose may not seem extremely important at the first glance, BookSong is quite useful for just about anyone. We all love music and this app has a very important role in making enjoying to music on your jailbroken iOS device a better experience. With this in mind, it remembers where you’re left when playing a song regardless of whether you stop the app from running or perform a respring. Read More...

RePower adds new options to the Sleep/Wake button

By default, when you hold the Sleep/Wake button of your iPhone, you’ll be displayed with a “slide to power off” slider allowing you to switch off your device. RePower is a cydia app that displays additional new options when you press the Sleep button.

With RePower, when you hold down the Sleep button, you’ll be shown two new options in addition to the default power off button. These new buttons include a “slide to reboot” button that reboots your device and a “slide to safemode” button that takes your device into safemode. You’ll also find a “Cancel” button below all the other new buttons. Read More...

Ten Cydia Apps for Photo Editing

10 Photo Editing Cydia Apps That You’re Sleeping On!

Apple iPhones and iPads are incredibly useful and they have an amazing array of built-in tools and functions. But missing features can make some of us a little crazy. If you’re a person who wants more from your phone, you’ve probably already implemented a jailbreak and installed Cydia to download extra features and functions. Here are the most interesting unauthorized photo and camera options available to enhance and organize your photos and videos, and to use your camera in a whole new way.

PhotoEdit:  is a photo editing app that works within the iPhone native photo app environment. Read More...

Airblue - The Sharing Cydia App

airblue sharing app review

sharing cydia apps

If you have an iOS device and love to use it to the maximum, then you have to jailbreak it. This would allow you to go beyond the walls of Apple and use a few apps to redesign or offer a new look to your user interface. You can do this with the help of cydia apps as it has some of the best apps out there such as the airblue sharing app. If you want to send various files using your Bluetooth device then this simple file sharing app is a great find. Read More...

5 Essential iphone Cydia Apps

Cydia AppsWhen first jailbreaking your phone you might be overwhelmed with all the apps being thrown at you. Cydia apps are different from the appstore as there are less restrictions. So there will be a whole bunch of new apps at your fingertips ready to play with. We have done the research for you and made a list of 5 iPhone Cydia apps that you should install when starting out!


Jailbreak and install Cydia

Cydia Download for iOS 7 Jailbreak

What is Cydia?

Do you like customization? Do you like to have full use of your device? Enjoy making ringtones by yourself? Apple likes to have control of their devices, with a Cydia download that all goes away. Cydia is a management suite used that can be used when you jailbreak your iOS device. Cydia is basically like the app store for jailbroken devices. It allows full customization of your phone, and the ability to download iOS 7 Cydia Apps that would not have made it past the strict apple guidelines. Read More...