Taig releases iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.2 Beta Jailbreak

Apple released the iOS 8.1.1 firmware a few weeks ago that patches the exploits used in the Pangu jailbreak, thereby making iOS 8.1.1 un-jailbreakable. In an unexpected move today, the Taig team released the untether jailbreak tool for iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.2 beta.

The Taig team has never developed any jailbreak software in the past and they were the ones behind the Chinese app store that appeared on iOS 7 devices jailbroken with evasi0n. So we don’t recommend that you jailbreak your iOS 8.1.1 device now until we hear an official confirmation from popular jailbreak developers.

With all this said, well-known hacker Muscle Nerd provided a few thoughts about the Taig jailbreak on Twitter:

To anyone wondering “why right now”: My guess is Pangu and TaiG are essentially racing each other in this space, and there’s big $$ involved

The statement is quite true since Apple is already in the middle of testing iOS 8.2 beta and with the new Taig jailbreak, there is now an increasing possibility that the company might patch all the exploits used in the new jailbreak tool.

The Taig jailbreak is compatible with all versions of iOS 8 ranging from iOS 8.0 all the way to iOS 8.2 beta. So if you own an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch device running on iOS 8, you can jailbreak it with Taig.

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