CCSliders brings various new sliders to Control Center

By | August 27, 2014

Control Center has been the center of focus by many jailbreak developers in the past and this is why you’ll find many tweaks on Cydia dedicated to Control Center. CCSliders is yet another jailbreak tweak that brings various new sliders to Control Center to speed up the process of adjusting various elements in iOS.

The CCSliders cydia tweak adds three new sliders to Control Center along with the brightness slider which can be switched to by tapping the icons to the left and right of it. This means that you can tap the icon to the right of the brightness slider to go to the next slider or you can tap the left icon to navigate to the previous slider. These new sliders include a flashlight brightness, media volume and ringer volume sliders.


This allows you to quickly adjust them without pressing the volume buttons or heading to the stock Settings app. Another advantage of this cydia app is that you can adjust the brightness of the flashlight. By default, you’re not allowed to do this, but with CCSliders, you can choose how bright you want the flashlight to be.

Once you install CCSliders, you can configure it from the cydia tweak’s preferences pane in the stock Settings app. You’ll be able to choose which sliders you want as well as adjust their position in Control Center. You can also choose to view the title when switching sliders, make the left icon go to the next slider instead of the previous one as well as have the first slider shown when Control Center is launched.

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This is all that the cydia app provides and is definitely something that you should try as it speeds up the process of adjusting the flashlight brightness, media and ringtone volumes. If you want to give it a try, you can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free.

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