FileBrowser, a great alternative to iFile

By | December 3, 2014

After many years, I still remember my first jailbreak experience with the iPod Touch 2G. The two first Cydia apps that I installed were Winterboard along with iFile which would allow me to change up a couple of settings on my device. Well, the old and infamous iFile has a bit of more competition right now, after the release of FileBrowser, a brand new Cydia app which can be found on the BigBoss repo, which is free of charge and offers some awesome features.

With this being said, the Cydia app allows iDevice users to easily go ahead and browse throughout the smallest files in their device, on the entire file system and also do a couple of cool things such as creating files, deleting folders, files while also allowing users to rename, copy, paste and edit. All of these features together with a couple of other ones make FileBrowser quite similar when compared to iFile, while also bringing in the benefit of the price.File-Browser-Featured-1024x908

However, an unfortunate fact about this Cydia app is the fact that it displays ads in order to remain free, but after all, don’t most apps do so anyway? In regards to the ease of use, browsing through your system settings requires some technical knowledge, but the app itself is truly easy to use, which makes it great for just about anyone who knows how to use the iPhone.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you think about FileBrowser? Would you recommend it or try it out?

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Author: Daniel Dobb

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