RippleBoard: Feel the Rainfall on Your iOS Home Screen!

RippleBoard won’t be a major update to your iPhone, however, it will make the overall experience of using it much more pleasant, which is practically what all Cydia apps strive to do at this moment in time.

So what does RippleBoard exactly do? It’s simple – it adds ripple effect whenever you tap the screen, akin to the raindrops falling into a puddle. It feels rather therapeutic – many studies showed that listening to and witnessing rain falling has positive benefit on one’s stress levels. Many people play rainfall sounds to relax, and now, even your own device can become a therapeutic experience.


Is that all RippleBoard can do? No. In fact, even with this simple app, there is a customization option. You can tweak the ripples duration and range. It is all based on your preference, whether you prefer quick droplets or nice, soothing waves.

The stock Settings app allows you to influence the following:

  • Round icons (this makes all your app circular, in order to fit better with the ripples)
  • Ripple when launching apps
  • Ripple on tapping the Home screen
  • Ripple while running apps

Be aware that this app is more of a tap indicator than a true ripple effect; however, it is a welcome addition to any phone that lacks such an indicator. It makes taps more easy to register. One benefit of this app is that, due to its relative simplicity and lack of additional sounds, it doesn’t drain your battery as other tweak apps out there. Its power usage is, for the most part, largely negligible.

The app is available completely free of charge on BigBoss repo. Since it comes at no cost money- or battery-wise, give it a try, test it a little bit (and then some more), and let us know what you think of it. Leave your opinion in the comments section below so other would know your thoughts on it – all in the name of better user experience for all iOS users.

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