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If you have an iOS device and love to use it to the maximum, then you have to jailbreak it. This would allow you to go beyond the walls of Apple and use a few apps to redesign or offer a new look to your user interface. You can do this with the help of cydia apps as it has some of the best apps out there such as the airblue sharing app. If you want to send various files using your Bluetooth device then this simple file sharing app is a great find. You can share loads of notes, videos, contacts, photos etc. after enabling the Bluetooth on your jailbroken iPhone or other devices.

What are the features of the airblue sharing app?

  • Zero configuration
  • No need of re-pairing of devices as it is compatible with iOS native Bluetooth.
  • High speed transmission up to 1.7 MB/s through Bluetooth.
  • Power saving auto shut off for Bluetooth as soon as transmission gets over,
  • File transfer with Wi-Fi connection and faster video file transfer from iOS to iOS in few seconds.
  • Auto Wi-Fi hotspot creation for transmission, in case of non availability of Wi-Fi.
  • Allows to send notes, videos, voice memos, contacts, photos etc.
  • Allows files to be sent from applications that support “open in…
  • Received files can be imported to applications that support “open in…
  • Received files can be imported to contacts or photos
  • Send or receive multiple files instantly
  • Notification sounds for sent or received files
  • Highly compatible with Mac Os X, Blackberry, Linux, Windows XP / 7 / Vista, Nokia, Android and other phones that are Bluetooth enabled.
  • Supports iOS 6 and iPhone support.

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The airblue sharing app from cydia apps is the application that dives deeper in to the iOS to offer you a once in lifetime Bluetooth experience. One of its best thing about this app is that there is no need for you to have any configuration set up. You are ready to start using the app as soon as you install it. If you wish to opt for activator action, then choose the airblue sharing option to find your activator action. You can then choose the files to be sent using this application. The airblue sharing has various settings such as:

  • Activation method: This allows you to activate the app to use it to send or receive many files.
  • Import received – On / Off: This switch helps to save all your received files in their respective application files. For instance it can save the picture you receive in the Photos app.
  • User guide: tells you how to use it effectively.
  • FAQs – helps you know the answers to various questions you have about the app
  • Twitter of the developer
  • Localization list

This cydia apps’ airblue sharing app is very easy to use as you just have to enable file sharing in the app, choose the files that needs sending, choose Bluetooth from the app’s menu by tapping on the respective file and tap on the device where you wish to send the files.

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