Speed up iOS 7 with these cydia apps

Now that there are cydia apps for iOS 7 jailbreak, we are going to take a look at an important factor every Cydia user should be taking advantage of. That is the speed factor. As avid jailbreak fans we have come to love the cydia apps that can take our devices to the limits. So we made a list of the best Cydia apps to speed iOS 7 up.

1. Accelerate

Accelerate Cydia App iOS 7

If you are finding your iOS 7 jailbreak experience to be a little on the slow side we fully recommend installing this cydia app. The app basically speeds up the animations within iOS 7 to cut down on loading times.

2.  Nitrous

Nitrous Cydia App iOS 7

Have you ever noticed that using a 3rd party web browser on iPhone seems to lack the speed that safari has? Well its because apple blocks their javascript app. But not anymore. Nitrous solves that problem. If you are using a 3rd party browsing app such as Chrome, this is a must.

3. iCleaner

icleaner iOS 7 cydia app

This cydia app is awesome. With iCleaner you can remove unwanted junk files from your iPhone or iPad with ease. We like to run this once a week to keep your jailbroken devices clean!

Those are the 3 cydia apps we recommend to speed up iOS 7. Got some other cydia apps or tips that help? Drop us a comment!

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