Animate home screen apps with iMaker

As we all know, there are tons of different Cydia tweaks that can greatly influence the experience that people from all around the world get on their iOS devices. Today, we’ll take a look at yet another great Cydia app known by the name of iMaker.

While this jailbreak tweak doesn’t really serve a very important purpose, it can be quite entertaining as it allows you to see which apps are currently opened in the background or where you have notifications to see through the use of an intelligent animation of the icons on the home screen. Basically, the Cydia tweak has a couple of animations that users can choose form including a spinner, a flipping motion, hand stand, jitter effects and more that can each be assigned to certain apps based on the preferences of each user. Once this is done and you happen to receive a notification, the application that you need to open will start moving on its own, based on the animation that has been chosen.

When it comes down to the ease of use of this Cydia app, it can be safely said that just about anyone with a little bit of technical knowledge can figure it out, as iMaker adds a settings panel to the Settings app where certain modifications can be added to the Cydia tweak in order to make sure that it suits your personal style.

With all of these aspects in mind along with the other great features that iMaker offers, it can be easily said that while it doesn’t represent a must-have Cydia app, it definitely is a great choice for those that would like to use it to express their personalities in an unique manner.

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