Improve multitasking on your iOS device with AppHeads

Ever since it was first introduced, the Apple multitasking system had a couple of flaws which made it somewhat unlikable by people from all around the world. While it is neat and sleek, there are definitely a couple of improvements that Apple could’ve made. However, until that happens, a great Cydia tweak known by the name of AppHeads will take multitasking to the next level.

The iOS 8 jailbreak tweak will take over the role of the basic multitasking found on your iPhone and get in a couple of great features. One of these is known as Live View, and it basically shows live snapshots of apps running whenever users would like to initiate the multitasking process, thus offering your iPhone more of an Android look and feel.

Additionally, users can go ahead and do a couple of more interesting things such as putting live views on top of other apps, while also allowing them to quickly switch between apps and pick up where they left, without needing to wait long period of times for the apps to load up once again.

When it comes down to the ease of use of AppHeads, it must be said that while it has been built with the purpose of making multitasking an easier, but also faster experience, it can still be considered difficult to understand at first. For example, a confusing part refers to the installing process, because as the app downloads, users will also have to activate a license. There is also a big configuration panel that users have to go through in order to ensure that they get the experience that they desire from the Cydia tweak.

However, based on everything that has been outline so far AppHeads definitely is a Cydia app that is meant to improve iDevices from many points of view. Unfortunately, a bad thing is that the app is quite pricey, at $4.99, so it only should be downloaded by those who truly feel like their multitasking process needs a change into good.

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