Battery Indicator Icon on Your Home Screen? Yes, with BatteryIcon Tweak!

If you ever wanted to bring the battery indicator icon to your home screen, search no more. BatteryIcon is a most recently published jailbreak tweak that introduces an icon that displays current battery levels to your very own Home screen. So what does it do exactly? Simple – the icon gives you an approximation of battery life. The icon is a shortcut as well,, linked directly to the Battery Usage section of the Settings app.

Similar to the the stock Clock app, BatteryIcon is a live icon; what it means is that it updates all the time in order to show current battery levels by means of a battery glyph and color (low battery shows a red color, for example) of the icon itself. Because of this, you’ll able to swiftly glance at the head portion of the Home screen for a quick overview of just how well your battery is doing. Once the app is installed, you’ll instantly see the BatteryIcon app icon on the Home screen. You’ll can also locate a new preference switch located within the stock Settings app.

BatteryIcon Preferences

The preference switch allows you to effortlessly enable or disable BatteryIcon with a couple of swipes. Disabling the switch will hide the BatteryIcon from the Home screen. There are no other settings or options to configure for the tweak – it is all it does, and it does it well. However, besides  showing the current battery levels, BatteryIcon is also able to display when your iPhone is charging. The split second when you connect your iPhone to a certain power source, you’ll notice a lightning bolt symbol on the face of the BatteryIcon, indicating that the phone is currently charging.

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BatteryIcon Charging

However, one of the downsides of BatteryIcon is that it cannot precisely show the exact battery levels. Take this for an example: say that my battery is at 91%. Sadly, BatteryIcon will still display an icon that that indicates that the phone is fully charged. When compared to the battery indicator located in the status bar, there is a clear lack of precise accuracy. As we said before, BatteryIcon is, when all things are concerned, simply an approximation of current battery levels, not a realtime indicator upon which you can completely rely.

Before and After BatteryIcon

BatteryIcon is a free jailbreak tweak that can be obtained on the BigBoss repo. Its best feature is its direct link to the Battery Usage section of the Settings app. That section is several levels deep: go to Settings → General → Usage → Battery Usage, and this shortcut can save you some time, which is always a plus.

Battery Usage

If you’re okay with having its range-based readings in the place of real time readings, and you don’t mind somewhat redundant functionality, then you should head over to Cydia and check it out. Please share your thoughts on BatteryIcon tweak, and let others know your opinions on it.

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