ConvoProtect: A smart choice to protect your privacy

Don’t we all hate it when we hand over our iPhone to a friend, and they simply can’t keep their eyes out of messaging applications such as Facebook’s Messenger, What’s App and many others? Well, chances are that this may have happened to you at least once, but fear not, as ConvoProtect is the only cydia app you need to make sure that this won’t happen again.

Using this app is very easy, as its main feature is clear. Hide any type of individual conversation, message preview, or group conversation from the eyes of strangers or your friends from a wide variety of messaging platforms including the standard messages, Facebook, What’s App and Kik in a matter of seconds.

With this in mind, once ConvoProtect is installed, you’ll get the chance to view its settings and tweak with them as long as you need to make sure that you’ve set up a passcode and hidden the conversations that you don’t want others to look at. Now, in the case that one of your friends would like to spy on you and see what you’ve been texting the girl next door, they will be asked to put in a password before actually getting to access to conversation.

The features of this cydia app don’t stop here, as users are also able to hide conversations from sight through the settings that the app offers. Now, there are also does who ask themselves what would happen if their friends actually figured out that the app is behind all of this. Well, you can easily set up a master password that needs to be written each time someone would like to access the app, thus granting you absolute safety and privacy from those who are a little bit more curious than they should be.All in all, thanks to the great features that ConvoProtect offers along with the fact that it provides a service needed by most of us in a way or another, it can be easily considered one of the must-have Cydia apps for just about anyone.

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