Cydia Apps you Need, Staying Productive

Top 10 Cydia Apps for Productivity

Business people are always looking for more ways to increase productivity, and smart phones have become a boon for hardworking employees. After jailbreaking your phone to unlock restrictions, savvy iPhone and iPad users can download Cydia and then apps to customize their devices in a huge variety of new ways. Here are the top 10 cydia apps to save time and increase productivity.

iFile – locating a file on an iPad can be a nightmare. The iFile app organizes your file structure and gives you full data editing options. The top-level search feature means no more shuffling through folders. Type in the first few letters of the file name and find it in seconds. It’s a familiar, necessary convenience conspicuously absent from iPhones and iPads. Get iFile!

Data Deposit – This app backs up your app data to your dropbox account. In addition to saving your data in case your phone is lost, you’ll be able to access everything from any device and from any location. Lost data is not only a time waster, it’s expensive. If your data is ever accidentally wiped, you’ll be able to restore it with a tap on the screen. You can also access your data across other platforms, which is useful for picking up game play from where you left off, even on a different device. Get Data Deposit!

F.lux – one of the issues users often complain about is eye fatigue from staring at an overly bright screen. After a while, it’s like looking at airport runway lights. Your eyes feel dry and overworked, and eyestrain makes you feel tired even when you’re not. F.lux is a simple app that dims the screen and changes the color based on time of day. Dimmer, more soothing colors will ease eye fatigue and allow you to continue working (or playing) longer and more comfortably. You can control the app to choose brightness and color or allow it to adjust automatically. Get F.lux!

iBlacklist – Nothing is more annoying when you’re trying to work than constant interruptions from unwanted callers. iBlacklist allows you to block calls and messages from specific or unknown callers and hide messages. There are also parental control options to block outgoing calls and more. Get rid of telemarketers, cyber-stalkers, and time-wasters temporarily or for good with this useful app. Get iBlacklist!

IntelliScreenX – This handy app puts your most-used apps right on the lock screen for easy access. A swiping motion gets you instant access to email, social networking sites, stock market reports, your calendar, news feeds…whatever is most important to you. Save the time and aggravation of flipping through endless apps to find what you want, and send emails, tweet, post a status, or send a text message directly from your lock screen. Basically, it puts the first things you want to do first. Get IntelliscreenX!

Action Menu – greatly enhances basic iPhone features by adding quite a lot of extra functionality. When you download this app, you’ll be able to:
● Select all
● Scroll to the top or bottom of the page
● Access clipboard history
● Save favorite text bits (like URLs or an email signature)
● Search for the meaning or translation of a word using various search engines
● Select text and tweet it out with one touch

Action Menu adds some of the best features of a PC web browser to your phone, making managing your mobile communications a little easier. Get ActionMenu!

AttachmentSaver – email attachments can be a real pain when you’re working on a n iPhone or an iPad because they only recognize a few file types. AttachmentSaver allows you to download and save the files to a specified folder where you can access them from an appropriate device later. You’ll save search time through a full inbox and you won’t accidentally delete an important email attachment from an old email.

Locktopus – an essential app for business use, Locktopus allows you to add passwords to any app or folder. It’s an added layer of security that keeps your private data private. Use it to secure access to the corporate database, your contacts, your work files, and more. You can also use it to limit access to certain programs to keep children safe. Strong passwords are absolutely essential for business people on the go, since so many devices are lost or stolen. Get Locktopus!

Infinifolders – the default number of apps you can store in a folder is a paltry 12. If you’re an app junkie, or just a person who depends on your iPhone for everything, that’s an unacceptable number. Infinifolders lets you feed your habit by storing lots more apps and organizing them by type into folders.

3G Unrestrictor – iPhones have a restriction that prevents download of large files over a 3G connection. 3G Unrestrictor is a handy little app that fools the phone into thinking it’s connected to Wi-Fi when it’s not. It works great with Skype and other apps, and removes the file transfer download restriction for big files. It’s great for retrieving photo, video, and music files, or for business files such as contracts.

To download an apps on a jailbreak iPhone, open your Cydia app to search for it by name. Cydia has a good indexing service, so apps should be easy to find and simple to download and install. Some of the apps are free, and some are low-cost. They’re all worth checking out!

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