iFile tip – change “enter password” to “lost phone”

iFile tip to help in the event you lose your iPhone

So the jailbreak or cydia community delivers again. This is a tip using the iOS 7 cydia app iFile. What it does is take your lock screen and change the message from “enter password” and change it to “lost phone” with a contact e-mail or whatever message you desire.  Here is an example screenshot.

iFile help and tips

How to change lock screen in iFile:

After downloading iFile navigate to: System>Library>PrivateFrameworks>SpringBoardUIServices.framework>en.Iproj

If you have a different default language rather than English, please navigate to the correct folder within settings.

Next, open the SpringBoardUIServices.strings file with Text Viewer.

Then, Once inside, select edit in the top left, then in the line “PASSCODE_ENTRY_PROMPT” = “Enter Passcode”, delete Enter Passcode, and enter the desired text between the quotes.

After following these steps you should see your lock screen message change. Shout out to the reddit jailbreak community for this iFile tip.

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