SendDelay holds back your messages for a short duration before it is sent

One of the annoying mistakes that all of us must have made is sending a message accidentally to the wrong person or saying something you wish you never said. This is why a new jailbreak tweak known as SendDelay debuted on Cydia recently to prevent you from making such a mistake ever again.

SendDelay is one of the useful Cydia tweaks that delays your message for a short duration of time before it is delivered to your friend. Whenever you send a message, it isn’t delivered right away, rather a red stop button appears in place of the send button allowing you to stop the message from getting sent.

The delay time ranges from 0 seconds to a maximum of 5 seconds which you can choose from the preference pane. The tweak works only with the stock Messages app and not any other messaging app such as Line, Whatsapp etc.

Once you install SendDelay, head to the preference pane from the stock Settings app to choose a delay time of your choice. Once done, your messages will start to get delayed before they are sent. After the delay time passes, the message gets sent right away.

SendDelay can be quite useful in many situations, however if your messages get delayed constantly then it can start to get annoying which is one of the drawbacks of this tweak. I wish it also provided a method to send specific messages right away without having to wait for the delay time to end.

If you’re interested to give this Cydia tweak a try, head to Cydia now and download SendDelay for free.

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