iPhone Cydia

Looking for iphone cydia? Have no fear Allcydia.com is here to help. The first thing to you need to do as an idevice user is to figure out what iOS operating system is on your device. You can do this by looking in your settings on your device and discovering what operating system is on your current device.

Then next step in getting cydia for iphone is to jailbreak your device. Jalibreaking your device allows you to install cydia on your idevice and and install 3rd party apps or cydia apps that apple will not allow in their normal store. There are a few ways to do this, take a look at our pages on how to jailbreak your device and to do a cydia download. As always we recommend to use a professional jailbreak service if you are not comfortable when doing the actual jailbreak.

There are many pros when you want to make the jump to get iphone cydia. The basic concept behind iphone cydia is to allow you the user to essentially obtain a second app store on your iphone or ipad and download 3rd party apps that do not meet the apple guidelines. As always there are risks when installing cydia for iphone as well. If you happen to do a bad install you can “brick” your device making it unusable. Depending on your model and software version after a few basic steps you should be able to download cydia for ios 7 and be on our way to be jailbroken!

At allcydia.com we encourage users to download iphone cydia to experience the freedom of using the iphone or ipad to its full potential. We are here to help you along the way so check out the content on here and be on your way to getting cydia for iphone.